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What Are the Ascended Masters After? Part 2

15 May

By Pastor Pam


Never, at any stage in history, has the scene been so fully set for the manipulation of a deception of global proportions through the work  of these fallen angels who are called  ascended masters. 

For the situation in which we find ourselves today is a  spiritual nightmare of immeasurable proportions.  It is more wacked out than the most imaginative science fiction novel. Through entering into an altered state of consciousness through yoga, TM, channeling, chanting, drugs, hypnosis, babbling in tongues, slain in the spirit, holy laughter  and such,  scores of people of all ages have opened their psychic centers or chakras to communicate with these  spirit-entities. The question is: Why?

The fallen angel called Mother Mary is over the Catholic Church and occult healing ministries while St. Germain’s specific part of the agenda is connected to freemasonry and the USA.  Ashtar seems to focus on the planned “evacuation” and Jesus Sananda Immanuel has already fulfilled his part of the assignment.  The organized church has become a dwelling place of religious demons under his command.  The one to watch is the ascended master called Maitreya, “the Master of Masters.”

Although he is called “the Christ,” Maitreya has primarily concentrated his efforts towards eastern religions and new age occultism, relegating the “Christian” emphasis into the hands of Sananda and Mother Mary. What Maitreya and ALL of them intend to prove is that Satan is god.  That is the bottom line.  God has 3 main attributes that no human being or angel has: He knows all, is all powerful, and is everywhere present.  Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent.  To be God, Satan would have to pull off this grand hoax.

So the plan is simple once you understand the motive. Man has now opened his latent psychic abilities through the ASC to hear from these entities.  Maitreya intends to pull off the grand hoax that he is the son of god.  So, I suspect that the religious demons assigned to each person on earth shall telepathically  send the exact same message at the exact same time, making it look like Maitreya, the son of god, and Sananda, the false prophet in their trinity with Satan, are God Almighty. The people will then be convinced to receive the Anti-Christ as God.

Whatever conclusion one reaches, the deception is clearly of satanic origin because of the occultic and anti-christian direction of the agenda.  From alien encounters  and genetic engineering, to reports of sexual copulation with  churchgoing women,  the entire charade is being masterminded by Satan in opposition to God, as part of a world wide establishment   of the enemy’s  delusion of having his  ‘kingdom’ on earth.”

The altered state of consciousness has  brought men and women into contact with fallen angels. It is all part of a well thought out plan  that has already taken over the organized church. Unless the people run out of these churches like bats let out of hell,  many will doubtless fall away, and the faith of many will be tested.

My goal is to  intelligently warn and  inform the elect of God,  so that they will not be overtaken by the element of surprise.  Secondly, it is my task to close down the psychic gateways that have been opened among God’s people and restore captives through sound counsel. Finally, I also strive  to edify the true Body to walk in the faith that the all powerful hand of God will prevail.

To know more about these matters, you need 4 of my six books.  “Faces of the Religious Demon, Come Out of Her, God’s People, The Fake Jesus and the New Idolatry. For books you can  CLICK HERE  to get a copy.

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Another ‘Fruit’ of Azusa….

26 Mar

Those of us familiar with the charismatic movement know the name Carlton Pearson.  A product of Oral Roberts University and a fourth generation pentecostal preacher-by his own admission-Pearson hosted what came to be known as the Azusa Annual Conferences for over 15 years.  He has traveled the world and was a regular on christian networks, as well as an author, a recording artist and a business man.

Carlton Pearson became as well loved and popular as TD Jakes.  He was well loved and accepted because of his comedic style to presenting the gospel.  Plus the man could SING!

He was the church’s good ol’ preacher guy until he started teaching ‘another’ gospel.

It has been the past few years that Pearson came under fire for his ‘Gospel of Inclusion.’  This gospel that Pearson teaches goes in direct contradiction to the word of God.

Below are a couple of excerpts from his book ‘God is Not A Christian:’

On Eternal Judgment (Hell)

“If, in fact, Jesus nailed the law (with us) to the cross as recorded in the Colossian passage, then the punishment for sin has been assumed by Jesus; thus making hell or any further punitive action irrelevant, except perhaps for its curative value. Except for some form of corrective significance of purgation (purging) as inferred by some of the early church fathers, the way I see it, hell will have no significance in the ultimate finality of God’s plan for a peace prevailing eternity where every knee bows and every tongue confesses the Lordship of Christ.”

On Universal Reconciliation

“The theory of Universal Reconciliation (the Gospel of Inclusion) maintains that Christ’s death accomplished its purpose of reconciling all mankind to God. The death of Christ made it possible for God to accept man and, in fact, and indeed, He has done so. The substitutional death of Christ not only made it possible for God to accept mankind as totally clean before Him but, more importantly, it demonstrated or proved God’s unconditional love for His own creative handiwork. As a result, whatever separation now exists between man and the benefits of God’s grace is subjective in nature; it is illusionary, existing only in man’s unregenerate mind, his unenlightened or uniformed way of thinking. The message (Good News or Gospel) people need to hear, is not that they simply have an opportunity for Salvation, but that they, through Christ, in fact, have already been redeemed, reconciled and saved, and that this information, (Good News) frees them to enjoy the blessings that are already theirs in Him.”


And since man is already saved, then that means there is no hell….right?


As you can imagine, once Pearson embraced this doctrine, it sent the church world into an upheaval!  The whole religious community was asking ‘how does a pentecostal preacher go from preaching on sin, death, hell and the grave…to there is no hell and everybody’s saved????’

Also, as a sidenote to this ‘Gospel of Inclusion,’ this inclusion also excuses homosexuals in the I.C…in ministry in particular.  Click here to see what Pearson thinks of homosexuals.

Let’s just say when Pearson says his gospel is inclusive, it is literally all-inclusive!

Pearson is yet another strange fruit of the Azusa Street Revival.  So we need not think it strange that he all of sudden turned to another gospel.

You see, Pearson was yet another vehicle the religious demon was and is using to introduce (and reinforce) doctrines of devils that were introduced during the original Azusa Street Revival.

Remember…Parham didn’t believe in Eternal Punishment either….

Don’t eat of the ‘fruit’ of the knowledge of good and evil…..