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Pimps in the Pulpit and Warlocks Too!

21 Jan

In the book, “Come Out of Her, God’s People,” a former denominational minister of 25 years exposes the dark side of the ministry with an array of “pulpit pimp” horror stories.  Here is a sample of   the account of the first one: the late Rev. Lester. He died of complications due to AIDS, buried in Potter’s Field.   Rev. Lester was the author’s first pastor:

When I first joined Harriet Tubman, I had heard that Rev. Lester was a native Caribbean. Once I started to work for him in the ex-offender project, our intimacy on the program planning level opened the door for communication on deeper, more spiritual subjects. So one day at the conclusion of one of our staff meetings, I decided to seek Rev. Lester’s advice about a particular  Baptist client.  I recall that I presented him with a scenario regarding an anonymous churchgoer who believed her husband cursed her with a spell. It was my personal assessment that the cheating client was suffering from   guilt feelings and fear that her own  adulterous  indiscretions would soon be uncovered by the husband that she feared.

To my utter amazement, Rev. Lester advised me to purchase a live chicken, cut its throat and use its blood in a ritual of prayers, scriptures and other incantations. Once the lines of communication were opened to discussions of this kind, my pastor also expounded upon  the use of human hair, pubic hair, nails,  excrement and urine. Often times, Rev. Lester recommended cutting pages out of the bible, throwing them into the local river wrapped around a personal item of the  client, or some other strange practice.      Sometimes he suggested that the client repeat one of the psalms 7 times. A few times, he advised that the client bathe in various oils and herbs.

I ignored my pastor’s advice either personally or in my treatment of a client.  Notwithstanding, I was fascinated to listen to Rev. Lester expound on occult subjects. I considered him to be a powerful indigenous faith healer.  Now that I look back, I realize that he was a false prophet but in 1979, I didn’t know what a false prophet was. Once I entered the ministry in 1981 and became a serious student of the gospel of Jesus Christ for myself, I realized that Rev. Lester was more knowledgeable of occult practices than of biblical doctrine.  

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There's Something Wrong with Cliché Christianity…by Minister Kellie

7 Nov

By Minister Kellie

I  just cannot handle “cliché cutesy little make you feel good” Christianity anymore…It’s almost like they try to convince themselves that they are where they are supposed to be but they really know that they are not. However, to let anyone else know that would be social suicide among “their own.” It’s time for you to come out and not worry about what the others think. They don’t have to live your life, you do……God cannot help you, won’t help you until you confess that you have been “a whoring” after other gods…all He asks is that you Repent and put Him in His rightful place in your life..God is not a feeling, an emotion, a dance, a song..whatever…faith is all that pleases Him.

We cannot worship at the feet of the fake jesus and expect the real Jesus Christ of Nazareth to heal us and preserve us. Does that mean we will ever have a perfect life? No way, but we will be more prepared to see how the enemy works and will be able to strategize against him.

As for me, I have righteous anger when I see how the enemy deceived me and now deceives others from receiving their rightful inheritance from the Kingdom of God. God’s elect needs to wake up and really “see” what is going on around them. Pastors who are preaching their “own” gospels or pimping out their messages for Mammon. (By the way, Mammon is a real entity) When did God ever ask for money for salvation? Last time I heard, Salvation was free…. God’s people should never have to pay money to hear the True Gospel of Jesus Christ. But it isn’t that is it? It’s a show, entertainment, right? Don’t we really have enough of that?  The message is never about Repentance and the Cross, but 10 steps on how to reach your destiny, your financial blessing, your healing, and “blah, blah, blah!” As if God needs 10 steps to do anything!

As I sat here early this morning, I realized something…Jesus said, we can do anything, but “Not everything is good for us.” We have to make that choice don’t we?    The Holy Spirit can encourage you but He will not make the choice for you..To the extent that you want the Truth, the Truth will be revealed.”  I mean, “aren’t you getting tired of the same old same old?  The form of godliness without the power there of?”  I am not saying that God cannot save to the uttermost, because He can do anything, but….as long as you will not “lift your arm” to seek the Truth, He may allow you to sit in your own filth perishing while the demons torment you with fake healing’s and blessings.

Feel good messages are just that, they last for a moment, but fade away..when the Lord sets you free, “you are free indeed!” Not for a moment, a day or a month…you are free forever!  Stop being a slave to your emotions and ponder the possibility that you too may have been worshiping a false christ. Pride is the “root of all evil” and could be what is keeping you in your sicknesses and bondage. I can admit that I was there “big time” once.  “You know what it got me?  Zip, Zero, Nada…..”

I cannot shut my mouth anymore and watch the slaughter of the Elect of God…..I say, “Come out of your slumber Gods People!” Wake up and see the carnage that is taking place around you!”  If you know this is you…there is help…

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