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Unequally Yoked NEVER Works, Part 4

14 Mar

When one is an unequally yoked marriage, the couple is not happy.  Because the two cannot walk together, they grow apart.  And the enemy uses the spiritually weaker/unsaved party to continuously try to keep the saved party-the one at least trying to be spiritual-down.  In the flesh.

What happens a lot of times is that women will invariably ‘stand by their man’ not only due to love, but also out of pride and religious deception…and fear.  A woman will realize that her marriage is over, the husband can be abusing her, humiliating her, not taking care of her or the kids, cheating on her, on drugs…the whole nine.  But ESPECIALLY in the CHURCH, a woman will stick to it.  She will fast, pray, rub oil on his shoes and pillow..all kinds of witchcraft and what not…all so that she can be spared the humiliation of a failed marriage.

This is what happened later on in the marriage of Bobby and Whitney.  She KNEW it was over, but to save face, because her religious upbringing had taught her she is to stick to her marriage vows NO MATTER WHAT, and because she didn’t want to have to admit to the public that she HAD married the wrong guy, she stayed in a marriage that was unhealthy.  She did drugs with her husband, to cope the pain of the failed marriage AND to have something to do with her husband, in attempts to be one with him.

When you are unequally yoked, home life, married life is miserable.  You may do things you wouldn’t normally do to cope with the pain and disappointment of the failing/failed marriage.  It doesn’t matter if you go to church/saved, highly anointed, in ministry or whatever.  When you try to stay and work it out, and pray that man thru-even if that man CHOOSES to not be saved and is NOT budging, or vice versa-then life is miserable.  You are two roommates living in the same home.

You may do things to ease the pain. Or you may be a workaholic or a ‘ministry-a-holic,’ you find reasons to find more work to do, or more ‘ministry’ to do.  Women throw themselves into keeping house or raising their kids…or even spend all their spare time at church or doing ministry, throw themselves into their  careers.  Or they seek solace in adulterous affairs, porn, drugs, alcohol…yet, they remain together.  ANYTHING so the spouses do not have to face the truth-that the marriage is over.  It was over before they ever said ‘I do.’

This is what happened with Whitney & Bobby.

We all know how the story ends with those two.  They divorce…and Whitney continues to spiral downwards.  She later on develops a relationship with ANOTHER ‘bad boy,’ actor/singer Ray J, who is several years her junior.  Another unequally yoked relationship.  Ray J in no way, shape or form was seeking the ‘peace that surpasses all understanding.’  As a matter of fact, he taped a sex video with Kim Kardashian.  He was just trying to break into the music scene to follow the footsteps of his famous sister, R & B artist Brandy.

Whitney stated in these videos she never drank when her and Bobby were together, just did drugs.  Yet, hours before her death, she had been drinking.  This indicates to me that she had picked up a demon from her ex husband Bobby…of alcoholism.  The drugs didn’t become enough.  Plus, doctors had to give her meds to go to sleep, to wake up…sort of to replace the cocaine and weed she did for years.

Whitney was NEVER healed from her unequally yoked marriage and physical and emotional abuse she suffered with Bobby.  She just sought solace in another troubling relationship, prescription drugs, alcohol and the revelry of her ‘fans.’

I want to also point out that in the video, she states that WHILE doing drugs, she would be listening to gospel and reading her bible.  It is said that hours before her death, she was doing the same thing: listening to John P. Kee.

Yet NONE of that was able to save her life.

A VERY sad and mocking ending to a beautiful, talented star…but a woman who fell for the trap of the enemy and entered into an unequally yoked union.

I want you, ladies and gents, to take a good long look at this.  If you get nothing else from these articles on Whitney and Bobby, walk away with the understanding that you CANNOT and MUST NOT be unequally yoked in marriage.

Understand that the devil DOES send mates, just as God does.  And their whole mission is to destroy YOU!

Do NOT take this lightly!

But take it as a warning.  Don’t marry lightly, harriedly, without weighing all the costs.  KNOW who you are marrying.  Seek GOD diligently about your mate-to-be.

Anybody can ‘act saved,’ until the wedding.

Then the mask comes off!


You are better off staying unmarried than marrying someone who is not saved!

Boaz Got You WHIPPED! Part 3

14 Mar

In Part 2,  I speak on Now that You Got Your Boaz, Now what???

What often happens when an enemy sends a mate is that you are unequally yoked.  It doesn’t become apparent until AFTER the wedding, sometimes WAY into the marriage.  The unsaved mate/unequal partner will start making attempts to sabotage any success or growth of their partner.  The enemy riles up jealousy, competition, strife, confusion and rejection in the unsaved mate/unequal partner.  These can manifest in a host of different ways, including violence, adultery, pornography, drug and alcohol abuse, or emotional, financial, spiritual or mental abuse inflicted upon and against the saved mate.

That unsaved partner will do everything in his/her own power to ‘bring down’ the saved mate to their level.  Often what happens when the saved mate is the wife and the unsaved is the husband, the wife acquiesces or submits to these demands and allows herself to ‘become one’ with the dysfunction and sin of the unsaved mate…all to keep the peace, or due to some religious, errant obligation to submit to her husband, as the bible says.  Somewhere the woman has heard that she is to do whatever her husband tells her to, even if it is sin and will endanger her own relationship with God.

Because the nature of a woman is to keep the peace, and because she loves her husband, she will do whatever he wants, she will start participating in activities that go against the Spirit of God IN HER to please her husband.  So that her and her husband will have more things in common and ‘enjoy’ their time together.

We know the Word says, ‘How can two walk together except they agree?’  The two become one flesh, and this is not just speaking of the sexual act.  The married couple literally become ONE.

When you got one saved and one unsaved in a marriage, there is a CONSTANT warring, particularly in the Spirit.  There is no walking together and there is constant warfare.  This is why many women trapped in an unequally yoked marriage go to church unhappy, many are abused in SOME way or fashion, and seek escape from the unhappiness and discord at home by developing spiritual relationships with other men in the church to make up for what their husbands are not.  This causes more friction in the already troubled, unequally yoked marriages.

Or vice versa…it can be the man seeks what he needs outside of the marriage…all in the ‘church’ setting.

Watch this video:

Whitney was physically and emotionally abused by Bobby.  She tried to get ‘the peace that surpasses all understanding.  She didn’t know how to fight the warfare and acqueisced.  She started using drugs to get rid of the pain of her failing marriage and the pressures of being a superstar.  She stayed with Bobby-as she admits-because ‘Bobby WAS her drug.’

I was amazed at that statement. But I realized this is what many women get whipped by their husbands.  No, I’m not talking about beat with a branch off a tree or a belt, but whipped in they get so ‘in love’ with their husbands-and possibly with the whole notion of being married-that they get ‘whipped.’

Being ‘whipped’ is a slang from the 90s meaning that someone is so in love with a person that they cannot see the TRUTH about that person.  A lot of times it is nothing more than lust…as in this case, Whitney says she was addicted to making love to her husband.  The enemy used Whitney’s natural feminine urges for love and companionship-as well as her desire for escapism from her pain-and embodied that in Bobby.

I said earlier that the enemy KNOWS what we like.  He has been studying us for a long time.  The enemy studied Whitney and knew what it would take, who it would take, to bring her down.

All those times Bobby was in and out of jail, abusing her, enabling her and accompanying her to do drugs, Whitney could not see the forest from the trees.  I remember that video from the picture I posted above:  Bobby had just been released from jail-again-and Whitney literally jumped on Bobby and was hugging and kissing him.  She was SO glad he was out of prison!

She was WHIPPED!

And her being whipped cost her…a lot.

Ladies, we can’t just allow our emotions and feelings to cloud our judgment.  We need to look at the situations around us rationally, and act in wisdom.  It’s not about following our hearts.  It’s about being led by the Spirit of God.

The fact of the matter is that Bobby was a plant from the enemy in Whitney’s life.  A weed in her garden…no pun intended.

We must learn from the mistakes of others.  I mean no disrespect to Whitney.  But this interview was given 3 years ago.  I am merely stating what WHITNEY herself told Oprah.

It behooves us all to learn from Whitney’s mistakes and glean much wisdom from them.

Now You Got ‘Your Boaz..’ Now What?, Pt. 2

14 Mar

In Part 1 ‘When the Enemy Sends A Husband,’ I talked about the reality that the enemy sends mates.  The whole agenda of these hell-sent mates are to annihilate and destroy!

The sad part is that most people who are sent mates from the enemy do not realize they are sent from the enemy until after they have said ‘I Do.’  The truth and reality of who that person is is blinded by what society perceives as ‘love.’ Others around the both of them see the issues, but most do not speak out on the issues BEFORE the wedding because they want to be happy for the engaged couple.  They don’t want to appear to be ‘haters.’

But I believe that that part of the ceremony where the preacher says ‘if there is anyone who does not believe that these two people should not marry, speak now or forever hold your peace’ is there for a REASON.  If more people would speak up at this point, they could possibly spare the two much drama in the future!

Anyway, in the following clip, Whitney pretty much admits that her and Bobby-as much as they ‘loved’ one another-were unequally yoked.

Whitney tells us in this video that Bobby was actually jealous of her success in her musical career.  That inequity caused MUCH friction, tension and strife in an already strained marriage.  I remember seeing Whitney Houston always on TV, declaring to the whole world that Bobby Brown was ‘the King of R & B!’  I would laugh out loud, as I’m sure many people did.  We ALL knew that was NOT true!  Bobby’s musical career was riddled with allegations of MANY children out of wedlock, drug addiction, many arrests and was tainted by his ‘bad-boy’ image.

Every time I saw her do that, I thought to myself, ‘What is WRONG with her? Is she that much in love that she believes that?’  She was trying to build up her man so he wouldn’t feel the brunt of his NON-success in his career, as he took a backseat in an attempt to be ‘supportive’ to his bigger-than-life wife.

The bottom line was that they were UNEQUALLY YOKED.  Whitney Houston had her pick of ANY man in Hollywood before marrying Brown.  Actors, comedians and millionaires…all who did not have a criminal record and a string of baby mamas littered all across the country.

Whitney grew up in church, was taught to stand by her man, at all costs.  She knew right from wrong.  But her heart won out over what she knew was right.  Now she was stuck in a marriage that was not only unequally yoked, but would later prove to be dangerous.

The enemy here wanted to stunt the spiritual growth of Whitney.  He had succeeded in that by giving her fame and fortune.  By allowing millions to make an icon out of her, an idol.

Then he sealed the deal with sending a mate from hell.

The same thing happened to Juanita Bynum.  She married a virtual unknown named Thomas Weeks.  She tried to ‘stand by her man.’  She prayed and fasted to bring her man to his next level.  She spent all HER money promoting Weeks and his ministry, financing any venture he so desired.  She tried to play the good wife, because she, too, was raised to do so.

Ladies, we need to understand that even though many of us were ‘raised’ that way, that way was wrong.  It was wrought out of religion, and religion for years has sought to oppress and control the Spirit.  It is WRONG to tell women to stay in abusive marriages-whether they be physically, mentally, spiritually or financially abusive.  It is WRONG to preach at women, commanding them to submit to men who are NOT their equal in ANY way.  Whitney married ‘down.’  Bynum married ‘down.’  And look where it got them!

It is in our natures as women to nurture and try to grow things.  And in error we see someone and think ‘Oh, he has promise.  But he needs this or that…’  If you have to say ‘he needs this or that,’ he is NOT the one.  You marrying him will be unequally yoked.  PERIOD.

I don’t push the marriage thing these days; neither am I against marriage.

I AM for marriage…God’s way.  In God’s timing. In God’s will.

Now that you got your Boaz, NOW WHAT?

When the Enemy Sends a Husband, Part 1

14 Mar

I have said on several occasions that women MUST be careful on whom they choose to marry.  I have said it so much as a matter of fact that, at first glance, it may seem I am against marriage.  Nothing can be further from the truth.

I am ALL for marriage, as GOD describes and intended it, between ONE man and ONE woman, both in the will of God, equally yoked, going about the Kingdom of God.

What I am against is the mockery that the enemy has made of marriage today.  It is an all-out attack of the enemy…twofold.  One, to either have you support (or be silent) on same sex marriages or two, to allow IN THE INSTITUTION THAT IS KNOWN AS CHURCH for a multitude of marriages to be put together BY RELIGION and NOT BY GOD.

This can have disastrous results.

I want you to look at the following video of Whitney Houston as she talks to Oprah on how she met Bobby Brown.

Whitney states that Bobby brought out the passionate side of her, and her marriage to him sort of served as a form of escape from the stresses of Hollywood life.

I want you to notice that it did NOT matter if the world thought and actually KNEW that Bobby and Whitney were GROSSLY unequally yoked.  The more they spoke out against them being together, the stronger Whitney ‘held on and fought’ for her marriage.  In the few minutes before the above video started, Whitney shared how she didn’t want to be famous, that she wanted to be a regular stay-at-home mom.  All the money and fame meant nothing to her.  She constantly sought solace and refuge from the probing eye of the media.

She temporarily found it in the arms of Bobby Brown.

The enemy knows what we like, ladies.  And he will send him, JUST like we like them.  The enemy has been studying us…our WHOLE lives.  So he knows what the kryptonite is in our lives.

I am convinced if Whitney had simply walked away from fame and fortune, she would still be alive today.  And perhaps she would have never had a drug problem to begin with.

When the enemy sends a husband, that man is going to know how to push all our buttons.  Bobby knew just what button to push with Whitney.  Here she was, a church girl who became America’s ‘black princess’ (as Oprah called her) and became rich and famous.  But at a price.  As beautiful and as talented as Whitney was, she still had insecurities, hangups, issues…by her own admission.

Unfortunately, the fame and fortune only served to cover up whatever issues were in Whitney’s life.  And left a crack open for the enemy to enter in…

In part 2, I will go into further detail of HOW the enemy came in….

How Religion Allows 2 People to Marry, That Leads to Destruction

22 Feb

Shirley Ceasar in the above video shares what she would want Whitney Houston’s ‘legacy’ to be.  In other words, what lesson can be learned through this all.

I found it amazing that she was as blunt as she was about Whitney marrying Bobby Brown led to her very destruction.

We need to take heed to this.

In my YouTube video, I rebuked Marvin Winans for marrying Whitney and Bobby, based upon the scripture that admonishes believers to not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers.  I taped another video on YT last year about that very topic-being unequally yoked together with unbelievers.

I have been saying this more and more since then, by leading of the Holy Ghost.

When two people marry, they MUST make sure that it is GOD who is leading them to marry, and NOT a religious spirit.

Yes, religious spirits will lead people to marry.  Religious spirits will send prophets to give confirmation of a prophecy about getting married, and to whom.  Religious spirits will send spiritual experiences to mimic the Holy Ghost…in efforts to try to trap you in a marriage that is sent STRAIGHT FROM THE ENEMY.  With the intent of DESTROYING YOU!

Religious spirits-in the form of preachers, who do NOT have your best interest at heart, will marry two people, not caring about the souls or destinies of those two people they marry.

The Whitney Houston/Bobby Brown fiasco is one of the most well-known sagas of marriages gone bad.  But anyone with an inkling of Holy Ghost KNOWS that they were two UNEQUALLY yoked people.  Period.  And ANY pastor who was looking out for these two would NOT have joined them in holy matrimony.

But this is happening more and more as the church fester under judgment.

So it is no wonder that ANY marriages instituted within a place under judgment will end in judgment as well.

We not only hear of the rise of ‘christian divorces,’ but all we have to do is look at the last 5 years or so of all the scandals in christian marriages.  This is no accident, neither is it an attack from the enemy.


That is one of the plagues of the modern day church. SET by the Hand of God.  They who are joined together BY GOD, NO man can put asunder.  If it gets put asunder, then that means GOD DIDN’T PUT IT TOGETHER IN THE 1ST PLACE!

This is a ploy of the enemy to mock the institution of marriage, that IS ordained by God.  But ONLY IN GOD.

The institution of same sex marriages, the pushing of rights for homosexuals and lesbians, and the putting together of fake, unequally yoked marriages within the organized church are devices ALL set by the enemy so that marriage would be dishonored, rather than honored.

I personally believe it is better in these last days to be alone and unmarried, than to be married today.

But if you choose to marry, I’m like Paul. Read your Word, know you’re in for a ride, stay in the Spirit, and act like you’re NOT married. (1 Corinthians 7)