Deliverance Manifesto

Deliverance ministries teach that there are demons called the spirits of accusation, condemnation, rejection and guilt.” In fact, most deliverance ministries adhere to this belief and practice. . 

As a consequence, we can not fathom how many people  sought relief from demonic torment, including chronic feelings of rejection, accusation, guilt, etc. Yet, they likely only found their symptoms getting worse once the deliverance ministry of choice  tried to cast out their human emotions as evil spirits.

At Pam Sheppard Ministries, we offer each client the opportunity to be free from hindering, personality, character and behavioral issues  that often undergird demonic oppression, with the goal of  tailor-making their deliverance counseling treatment plan  to stay free long after our work together  is over. 

For example, we don’t say, ‘You have a spirit of rejection or a spirit of guilt and condemnation. .” Instead, we work together to uncover the reason why a person feels these negative emotions  in order to  help each person regain the ground the Enemy  stole through deceptive tricks and  strategies.  

The approach of ‘client-first’ and ‘casting-out’ demons later, (if it’s even necessary) raises an important question. How can a person face their demons, if they cannot face themselves first? Any emotional issue that allow evil spirits to hold ground must be dealt with before any evil spirit is identified and successfully dethroned.