Why Catholics And Other Cults Cannot Try the Spirits

28 Jun


Those who are spiritually blind are not able  to  discern  real  fruit  for  God,  for  fruit  can  only  be confirmed by a close association over a long period of time, for fruit must stand both the test of trial and the  test  of time.  Therefore, Jesus revealed in several of His messages that   you   cannot   produce   good   fruit   within   a   corrupt system.(Matt  7:17,  Matt  12:33)  Catholicism is not only the mother of the entire Institutional Church but she is also the first and the largest cult.  In  His  parable  concerning the  mustard  seed  that  grew  into  a  huge  tree,  where the birds  of  the  air  that  came  and  lodged  in  its  branches,  the birds  are  symbolic  of  demons.(Matt  13:31-33) The trunk of the tree is Catholicism. 

    So  since Jesus  knew  that  the  church  would  form  but  that  she would progressively  be  corrupted  by Catholicism,   “the  branches”  or  the many denominations,  cults  and  sects,  The Lord  certainly  knew  that  His Father planned to send “strong delusion.”  (II Tim:2:11) Actually,      II   Thessalonians   Chapter   2      plainly describes  the  delusion  .    Paul  warned  the  elect  that  there would come a day when God would send His people  such a strong delusion, that they would believe a lie.  When?  Well, Paul  indicated  in  his  letter  that  the  mystery  of  iniquity  had already  begun  to  work.      Why?  Because  the  people  do not have  a  love  of  the  truth. My knowledge of Catholicism is limited.  Yet I can wade through the upscale religiosity to some basic facts. 

  To  Timothy,  Paul  confided that some  shall  give  heed  to  seducing  spirits.  (I  Tim:4:1)  How soon?    I  suppose  as  soon  as  the  first  denomination was formed.  Catholicism first, then  the  short-lived reformation of   Protestantism,   followed   by   the   many,   many,   many branches.    Accordingly,  the  birds  came  and  devoured the seed.  How long ago? Well, it follows that it was “a long time ago.”    Every  century,  more  seed  was  devoured  and  the interpretation  of  the  word  of  God  was  filled  with  error  and the church was contaminated.  So  to protect His people,  we pray,  “Lead  me  not  into  temptation  but  deliver  me  from evil.”  Where is evil?  Evil is in the godless world system and evil is built into    Catholicism and all other cults that blaspheme the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.   Satan rules BOTH worlds.

 Catholic-Lit-Candles-CeremonyEvery  belief and practice   connected  with  sorcery  is  an  open invitation to the powers of darkness.  Roman Catholicism strongly believes in and practices the worship of dead saints.  This is necromancy, a form of witchcraft, along with any cultic practices of ancestor worship. Jesus said if the tree is evil, than the fruits shall be evil. Catholics believe and teach the lie that Mary never died, that she remained a virgin throughout her life even though history reports that she conceived  children with her husband, Joseph.

Expecting power and miracles  by blessing water and calling it “holy, medals, pictures, statues, and objects blessed by a priest is simply witchcraft. Even worst, Catholicism has departed from the gospel of grace by adding additional requirements to salvation, including baptism, church membership, the sacraments, obeying the commandments, good works and the mass as necessary to be saved. This is another gospel. Catholics teach that right standing with God can be obtained by what they do, rather than what the Lord has already done at the cross.

Consequently, Catholics and  similar cults are bound by strong delusion. 

So how can they effectively  try the spirits to see if they be of God?  Well, they cannot.

So if  the imposter, the fallen angel Jesus Sananda Immanuel or the one who calls himself Mother Mary  are taking turns appearing to you in visions, and  if you are having out-of-body experiences and signs and wonders like the stigmata in your hands, the only way that you can try the spirits is to count every supernatural vision or astral travel experience  as devilish.  All of it.  Stop the fasting and the prayer, stop praying to Mary with rosaries, stop all things Catholic or cultish.

You may need some help pulling yourself out of this apostate system.  To stop going to church is not enough. Cultism has made a home in your soul and you may need deliverance.

Call me at 518-477-5759.

5 Responses to “Why Catholics And Other Cults Cannot Try the Spirits”

  1. pastorps911 March 22, 2018 at 6:58 pm #

    Reblogged this on DELIVERANCE ACADEMY and commented:

    For the TRY THE SPIRITS course.


  2. rick russell July 21, 2013 at 8:42 pm #

    If you read the catholic church hymnal inside cover , insert says; “All are welcome to partake in communion…..However the leadership has the right to refuse any one”.
    I called the parish preist and he is clueless as to his own church members. And said he must fully support all the leaders in any dicission made.
    I left my family 2 years ago but still feel the warefare miles away.
    Parents will throw there kids into the fire to follow a religious beleife. Now my kids suffer. Insanity.


  3. rick russell July 21, 2013 at 8:31 pm #

    This cult has distroyed our family. Even though my catholic mother became a born again christian she was never delivered. my self and my kids have been objects of attack and her family and church priest have said we are not allowed communion there. We were invited to church and acted only in faith and honor. But it blew up in a rage. I left with my kids never to return. The lieing devil wants to make me the bad guy and they judge me as rebelious because I droped from the roman catholic church after high school. Many true believers and pastors are in hiding from exposeing
    this lie for fear of offending good tithers. Lord have mercy.


  4. Pamela July 1, 2013 at 4:49 am #

    THANK YOU FOR revealing the truth…


  5. Kimberly June 29, 2013 at 2:04 am #

    I’ve always wondered how priests of the Catholic Church were able to successfully perform exorcisms if this were true. I spent time in a Catholic Church when I was younger, but my family eventually left it. When we became non denominational I was taught that the Catholic Church was evil bc of the reasons you have stated.
    Now I’m just trying to understand how this all fits together.
    So the question is how can they perform exorcisms &/or cast out evil in Jesus name, if in fact they are of the devil?
    Any insight?


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