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What Satanists Believe about the Devil

31 May

When I wrote the book “The Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us,” my strategy was to observe what the fallen angels that call themselves “ascended masters” like Maitreya, Jesus Sananda Immanuel, St. Germain, Mother Mary and Ashtar were teaching their dedicated followers online through psychic mediums who “channel” each of these beings. In the beginning of the book, I present essential teachings so that my readers would have a basic foundation for understanding the material presented in the entire book.

In my mind, it is simply commonsense to reason that if we really want to know the wiles and strategies of the enemy, we need to look at what those who openly worship him have been taught by Satan. Whether they be Satanists, Luciferians or of the Anton Levay variety, what overt and avowed worshippers of Satan believe is a sign to Christians to recognize the hidden Satanic influences that have creeped into Christianity and all other religions.

So the purpose of this article is to cause our spiritual eyes to be opened so that we are not destroyed for a lack of knowledge of the enemy in these crucial days. It is important that we all become aware of the lies and half-truths Satan wants all of mankind to believe, by any means necessary.

Furthermore, I am convinced that our awareness of what the enemy has taught and continues to teach his followers about himself and his false doctrines is a clear way to understand Satan’s true agenda for these times, particularly as we consider how Satan’s messenger, aka the Antichrist will deceive most of humanity when he is revealed.

Here are some of the outstanding teachings promoted by Satanists:

  • that Satan is NOT a fallen angel because he is A God; that he is our TRUE Creator and as such, is a friend to humanity;
  • that as “Ea” or “Enki”, Satan has been slandered for centuries, even though he is the most brilliant and powerful of the Gods.
  • that Satan is a friend of humanity, balancing spirituality with technology;
  • that Satan and his demons are NOT evil;
  • that Satan gives power freely to us, so that we can use power to get what we want, including but not limited to money, love and a good job;
  • that Satan gives power to common, ordinary people;
  • that Satanism is becoming a god and having god-like power;
  • that unlike the Christian god, Satan does not force himself on people;
  • that Satan does not fear human spiritual advancement where Christianity is about passivity and mind control;
  • that the purpose of the martyrdom of the followers of Jesus Christ is to create a slave mentality and is totally unnecessary;
  • that Jesus has a long track record of turning His back on His followers, yet by contradiction, Satanist claim Jesus is fictitious, having never existed. (So how could a non-existent being “turn His back?”)
  • that some of the dead visit the earth to help humans.

To know more about this subject, three books are recommended: The Fake Jesus, the New Idolatry and the Church of the Endtime Zombies.

Click here for paperbacks and click each book title above, for an ebook.

Tempting Others To Sin

30 May

The cross of Jesus Christ wipes away all past sins for those who become born again. If you are not born again yet, do not get bent out of shape about this. We all come into this world with a sinful nature. We all have a conscience. So follow it. The 10 commandments are there as a guide. 

If you have deliverance issues, certainly you don’t want to be doing things that will cause demons to get comfortable in you and make a home in your soul.  So use commonsense.  

There is a scripture in the bible about eating meat sacrificed to idols.  Paul wrote that in reality, it’s not a sin as meat is for the belly.  However, if a person thinks it’s a sin, then it becomes a sin for them.  And we who are more mature should not eat meat sacrificed to idol in front of them.  In other words, we should not use our freedom as a stumblingblock or temptation to  others, to cause them to sin.  If we do that, then we are sinning ourselves. 

For example, I do not drink in front of alcoholics.  I do not drink and drive.  In fact, I don’t really drink at all, but I have liberty to do so, if I choose.  Again, eating a desert or an extra piece of pie,is not a sin, unless you are eating with a diabetic. 

do y’all get this? 

Perhaps an e-book that will help you even more. I recommend “the Zombie book” because it reveals how evil spirits will use false doctrine to tempt legalistic people to fall into temptation and drag others along for the ride!!!

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Examine Your Social Circle: Are You Pleased with Your Reflection?

29 May

People are like sponges. They absorb everything that they see, hear, and touch. Needless to say, it’s not easy to stay isolated from the tempting world. Obnoxious commercials, scandalous music, and plaguing advertisements persistently bombard today’s industrialized society. Even the institutional church has become overtaken by the darkness of false doctrines and evil spirits. Hence, it’s crucial for the Body of Christ to choose their inner circle wisely. Remember, friends are CHOSEN family.

During these perilous times, we must surround ourselves with righteousness and light. That includes our friends and family. The tighter the circle, the better. Don’t forget that the Enemy has an innate ability to use people to harass a selected target. Hence, support-systems and social circles must be condensed to a selected small number of individuals during (and after) a religious detox. Remember, these people are either going to help or hinder spiritual progress if they will remain. There isn’t a gray-area. 

From personal experience, I left my best friend of three years after I left the occult. We wrote countless stories together that we one day hoped to publish. However, I had no longer wanted to be associated with the numerous supernatural, sexual, and homosexual elements that these fictional writings contained. Knowing that I’d be continuously tempted into writing that way with her again, I ended our affiliation. Sure, it hurt. Although, I’d rather stay sober in the immortal truth of Christ than to stay in a temporary, personal relationship.

Our social life reflects ourselves. Like a mirror, our friends usually have similar core values or alike behavioral tendencies as our own. If a friend interferes, tempts, or harasses you about your religious detox, don’t be afraid to snub them.

Draw the line with your friends with the same line that you draw yourself (hopefully with the Truth of Christ.)

Look at your friends like how you look yourself in the mirror. 

Do you like what you see?

If you need a support system, Pam Sheppard Ministries provides camaraderie on a secret group on Facebook called RESCUE Fellowship ( The group provides great commentary. It welcomes those in need of help overcoming the world’s temptation and detoxing from the institutional church. When I chose to leave my best friend, I’m happy to say these were the people that became my companions to fill that gaping void. I never felt better to see myself reflected and surrounded by the Body of Christ.

The Revelation of the Depraved Soul

26 May

One of the hardest concepts for many to understand is the knowledge that one CANNOT make themselves become BORN AGAIN and that they can DO NOTHING to acquire GOD’S favor to bring Salvation. There is NO CHOICE in the matter. HE is the one who UNDECEIVES and HE is the one who will empty you from ALL outward and inward religious and self-pretentiousness. HE will bring you an understanding of the depravity of your own soul and cause you to see your own personal sin through SORROW that is OF HIM, and NOT of you, and you will experience the dark time of your soul.

The flesh does not naturally choose God, seek after Him, nor does it have the power to change itself. Human nature cannot seek after God because our hearts are actually at ENMITY with God, so it has to be GOD HIMSELF by the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT to DRAW YOU to TRUE salvation.
One way to describe ‘enmity’ is that OUR FLESH /SIN NATURE is an ENEMY TO GOD.

A True Salvation experience is by GOD’S POWER ALONE and nothing else.

To now more about this subject, I recommend a book by Pastor Pam Sheppard titled

The Church of the End-Time Zombies.



Getting Rid of Religion Starts with the Basics, its Practices

23 May

The English word “Religion” is defined as a “state of life bound by monotheistic vows,” originating in the 1200s. Thereby, religion is a very underrated, dangerous thing. It’s very definition implies on man making the first move for salvation. That can take the form of a creed, sacrament, or work (dancing, singing, etc.). However, only the Holy Spirit can lead a person to Christ’s Crucifixion and Resurrection. Hence, people instead often mistakenly give legal rights to religious demons or occult demons.

When a captive leaves their former religion, they must rid themselves of their old religious habits. That entails all forms of prayer, songs, and traditions. Said captive must leave their salvation in the hands of the Holy Spirit since they cannot earn their salvation themselves. However, religious practices can become habitual such as touching a cross or praying before a meal. Like ticks that embed in the skin, religious behaviors can become ingrained in a person’s subconscious. Hence, it’s crucial for a captive to remain vigilant for religious actions that they might not have even realized they were performing.

Personally, when I left New Age Christianity, I had a habit of “wiping” energy from people that I would touch. As I had started to become more of a religious Christian, I began making crosses over the spots where people would touch me instead. The idea was that I’d purify myself free of their energy by the “power of the cross.” (I was massively mistaken since the Cross only purifies a person’s Spirit (for salvation) on the Holy Spirit’s time.))

Months after I left the New Age Christianity, I found myself “crossing” my legs when somebody brushed passed. At first, I was appalled until I remembered how much I used to perform that act every day. All day. Every day. In other words, that was my first slip up in a long time. So, I kept my composure and stayed watchful to not to repeat that behavior for the rest of the day.

Captives, remember that removing religious habits takes time. During the religious detox process, stay vigilant for previous religious, compulsive behaviors that may rebound. To suppress religious urges, try to change your routine by exercise, gardening, or cooking. It is helpful to renew the mind by replacing old, religious habits with new, secular ones.

If you’re struggling to cope with religious tendencies, the book “The Church of The Endtime Zombies” is invaluable. The testimonies of formerly religious people resonate with readers that may have thoughts of removing their “religious ticks” or self-reflecting upon their religious tendencies. By my own experience, if you’re trying to leave religion, the book is quintessential for the groundwork to success. Pamela Sheppard, the author, provides excellent commentary with her experience helping people get out of the Church. Meanwhile, she also exposes the spiritual downfalls of religious tendencies that grant legal rights for evil spirits to terrorize God’s Elect.

The Church of the End-Time Zombies: A Guide to Religious Detox



The Importance of Physical Health To a Successful Deliverance

16 May
More than Only the Spirit - Enduring Word

Medical professionals recognize five crucial aspects of personal health: spiritual, emotional, social, mental, and physical. During deliverance, a person will be challenged in four out of five of these essential pillars (spiritual, emotional, social, and mental.) Hence, a person’s physical health becomes especially important.  

Strengthening physical health negates demonic strongholds by using a person’s flesh as an asset rather than a hindrance.  

Take fasting. It’s one of the first things a client is advised at RESCUE is to stop along with the rest of religious activity. True fasting can only be accomplished by the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Otherwise, the Enemy will use a fasting person’s currently weakened flesh as a means to attack (or tempt) a depleted, exhausted prey.  

One of my personal weaknesses is an over-active mind. Once a thought comes to pass, I often have difficulty ridding of it. Thereby, when I was tormented, the Enemy sought to insert dozens of blasphemous thoughts against the Lord. Set up, I was in a constantly harassed cycle against mostly myself.

By depersonalizing these thoughts, most of the torment had been gone. However, I still had an overactive, restless mind that refused to settle. So, I possibly left myself exposed to becoming tormented again if I wasn’t careful.  

Recently, my family and I went to the gym on a whim. Burning off my excess, anxious energy, my physical body became tired. Thereby, my mind became much more peaceful and settled. Not to mention, my focus also highly improved. 

Needless to say, take care of yourself during deliverance. Make sure you eat well. If you are able, exercise (even a thirty minutes) each day.) Make your flesh into an aid instead of an impediment.

Health is a gem with many facets. As deliverance occurs, you will need ALL the facets to shine, so you’ll be “glowing” by the time the Holy Spirit guides you to the Cross and the Resurrection.

Pam Sheppard Ministries: Breaking Free of Bondage and Staying Free

5 May

Pam Sheppard Ministries (PSM) Works To Help You Get Rid of Bondage and Break Free From the Shackles! There is Freedom in Christ!

The devil will find all sorts of ways to put you in bondage and try to keep you there. He can bring torment to you and harass you in all sorts of ways (for example, dreams, visions, and hearing voices.) Fallen angels and demons can use other people to make you feel bad just for being who you are. People whether strangers or ones that know you, can have all kinds of expectations of how you should act, talk, what you should wear, and how you should eat, just to name a few of the thousands of other things people can pick on about you. It can get so bad that one gets afraid to be themselves for fear of being not accepted, treated poorly, or made fun of in a cruel way.

People from anywhere can do this to you – the church world or those who practice occult, and the same things happen: if you don’t fit into their little box of how you should be, some will be displeased and let you know it.

Well Pam Sheppard Ministries has good news: we have the tools to help you break free if you are in bondage. No matter what expectactions people have of you, you have the freedom to be you.

Most people have been so conditioned to live a bondaged life, they forget who they are. Re-learning who you are and what you are about may likely have to happen and Pastor Pam’s Ministries can help with this.

We are all about revealing the unfiltered truth about Christ and there is freedom in Christ!

As you strip away and detox from religion, you become free to be you. When the Holy Spirit draws you to be born again in Jesus Christ of Nazareth, you will experience freedom in Christ. Old things will have passed away, and all things become new. A true born again person abides in Christ and doesn’t let the ways of the world stop them from sticking to their beliefs and being strong in who they are. Christ remains at their center.

Discovering Pam Sheppard Ministries and sticking to the truth is such a benefit and has been a big one for myself personally. When you receive the truth and apply it to your life, you start to discover freedom in your life in many ways.

Watch the video above about this topic by Pastor Pam.

To contact Pam Sheppard Ministries call 1-888-818-1117 or email

For more information about this topic and much more, the book The Church of the Endtime Zombies, is written by Pastor Pam, and can be found by clicking on the book cover below.

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