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  1. Tm November 23, 2015 at 4:07 am #

    trying to understand positive and negative effects of opening chakras….all over the world religion and religious people that their religion is meant to christian but i dont practise christianity like other people..but i believe somewhere there a is mention of praying & fasting is a form of inner peace focusing on GOD.. a way of protecting the chakras from evil spirit entering but yet science and religion are like having one thing in common..and thats the energy and the chakras.( its a long theme) question is????the methods of opening chakras is taking care of urself, health wise,materialistic of this world is not important..peace…joy…love..they say its a process not done in one day but can take a lifetime..wat have ben told is that there are also negivative forces wen tries to open..from education… tv.. technologie…i have to agree with that.. technologie is helping humans the same time our society has never been faul and damm like never before forgetting spiritual side…” there is positive and negative when we look at this aspect…Religion says inorder to know GOD one must stop the evil ways of alcohol ,drugs..etc encouraging prayers…peace,, love..i guess same quality has opening chakras..Is fasting and praying not a form of opening chakras…have been suching on ways how to open chakras, one of them is through accident i guess..coz how do u explain wenn a person had accident or DoD near death..most say they saw something or felt something that there lives changed forever apart from physical illness..and they become good people..( is that chakra opening- the third eye or is it just Jesus showing us to change our way of living…its clearly now that the world is slowly forgetting about our spiritual ways…i would say spiritual ways this days even in church or any other region have changed for centuries….due to work and stressful nature of the world today…((( isnt chakra a new way not to forget our spiritual sides coz clearly wat happened for centuries we cannt apply to modern, civilastion world but there basis we cannt change no matter wat…peace, love, health, joy etc ..its been said in all corners of the world..From Holy books to priest, to scientist, to needs all this quality to live a happy inner peace…health is the most important thing & yet at the same we r being sold fast foods..eating salads which have no nutrients coz they are just crunchy..when i looked at the co-operte side its all the same.. so many roads but leading to one thing.( i believe one must have inner peace for your/our enviroment to be better thats my opinion..this topic can go on on…its like positive cannot exist without negative…we use positive and negative elements to make electricity…man & woman….when ur born.. the world is happy…when u die the world …i would to like to hear your opinion.

    • Pam Sheppard Publishing November 25, 2015 at 1:54 pm #

      You cannot compare opening chakras to electricity or technology, and start looking for the positive and negative effects. Opening the chakras is a deadly activity that will continual expose your spirit to evil. The bible verse you use about meditation does not in any way support the opening of chakras, when you misquote a bible verse and use that as your basis for a practicing something – you have fallen into deception and the devil can now use this to pull you into even more deception and the end of it all is destruction.
      I discuss Chakras in detail in the book “The Dangers of Opening Chakras and Kundalini Activation” You can get a copy at
      Also in the book The Church of the End-time Zombies: A Guide to Religious Detox
      you can get a copy at

      opening your chakras will not give you the peace you are searching for. My stand is simple DO NOT engage in activities that open your chakras, you are entering yourself into bondage.
      Opening chakras is seeking a quick fix, There are no quick fixes in life. View the following video series on deliverance. After viewing the videos, let me know your views on what the video says and how it relates to you; how can you use what has been said to help you achieve the peace you are looking for. One thing that will be required from you is you must do the work that means address the issues in your life that are causing you stress head on, deal with them, find a resolution and hopefully find the peace you are looking for. Also this is a process that takes time but with commitment you can achieve results.

      You say you are a Christian but different from the others, do you believe you are born again? If so explain your born again experience? Take some time and watch this series on false conversions, do you think this has affected you?

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