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Out of Touch With Reality…The Mass Trend Towards Denial, Part 2

29 Feb

In my last article, I touched on the various ways masses and masses of people willingly place themselves in denial, or enter into altered states of consciousness.

Let me say this: denial is a comfort zone.  All of us have comfort zones.  A place where we are most comfortable, a place that is free from stress, confrontation, pain and worry.  Peaceful.  Relaxing.  Stress and Drama-Free.

We ALL want to be in this place, right?

So what some do is that by functioning in a perpetual state of denial, they are able to maintain a synthetic-or false-form of peaceeven if it is only temporary.

People who tend to love to stay in denial or people who are out of touch with reality, true.

But I want to present to you that there is another group of people who are in denial as well.  And they didn’t CHOOSE to be there either.

These are people who have been traumatized.  Either by child abuse, or other forms of traumatic events, such as participating in war, crime, being victimized by natural disasters, has suffered severe loss, and so on.

I also want to state that the ones most vulnerable to unintentionally enter into denial/altered states of consciousness-and be in danger to open up their spirits to demonic activity on an increasing level are CHILDREN.


Children today face MORE trauma than ever before, whether it be by child abuse or any of the things I mentioned above….even in foreign countries, we hear of child soldiers.  Kids who strap bombs to themselves and commit suicide for their country.

Our brains-as fully grown individuals-are meant to only take so much trauma.  If this is true, it is even more true that the mind of a CHILD can handle signficantly less an amount of trauma and stress than the average adult.

Yet we live in a society that places MUCH pressure on our kids today, pressure to perform, pressure to succeed, pressure to achieve…on TOP of the pressure of living in this world today!

It is NO wonder that children are shooting one another in schools!

When these things happen to kids, they can get to a place of being in denial about what they are really dealing with.  Kids love escapism, forming alliances with imaginary friends, watching the Barney cartoons that sing songs like ‘Just Imagine.”

All we have to do is turn on the Disney channel to see all of the witchcraft that is being taught to our babies.

Why NOW?

Because our babies are more stressed NOW than ever before.  They are bombarded with all kinds of things-drugs, alcohol, sex, and the pressure to perform and be the best.  That can induce a lot of negative emotions in a kid…

And since most kids are not that adept in expressing and communicating their emotions, they take it out in a number of ways.

It is in that place of denial where these kids can unintentionally enter into an altered state of consciousness.

For example, a child is molested and goes to a parent and confides in them.  The parent does not believe them, scolds them and instructs them to never tell another person about it.  That parent has just induced a state of denial/denial of the truth in that child, that opens up that child’s spirit to altered states of consciousness, or demonic activity.

When you hear of a child who was abused saying, ‘they left their bodies while they were being molested,’ that is a way of someone unintentionally entering an altered state of consciousness.

Other ways to unintentionally enter ASC are:

    – Sleep deprivation
– Oxygen deprivation
– Psychosis
– Having a high fever
– Near death experiences
– Deep lucid dreaming

Like I stated earlier, it is a dangerous thing to be in denial.

And it is even a more dangerous thing to make your child be in denial…or allow kids to not deal with the reality of their situations.

It is nothing more than a plot from the enemy to introduce demonic activity sooner and sooner to young, impressionable minds.

But also to address not just children, but all who have unintentionally open yourselves up to ASC, it is NOT your fault.  Whether it was trauma, or not getting enough sleep, being sick, almost dying…because of the sinful world we live in, a demonic doorway was opened in your life.

And that doorway MUST  be shut in order for you to obtain REAL, LASTING peace in your life.

If you know that there are forces or spirits controlling your life that are NOT GOD, I encourage you to call 518-477-5759  and confide in someone who can help you be FREE!

Out of Touch With Reality…The Mass Trend Towards Denial, Part 1

29 Feb

Let’s face it:  we live in a stressful world.  We have been told that stress is actually good for us.  So, in varying degrees, we either embrace stress, or we go to the other extreme and do whatever is necessary to get rid of stress.

How do YOU ‘de-stress?’

Still others-no matter what their religious or spiritual backgrounds-find alternative ways to deal with stress.  I will say that a majority of the population deals with stress by denying that it is there, or that it even exists in their lives.

The ways that they deal with that stress varies.

Some do yoga, meditation, hypnosis. Some leave their bodies in spiritual exercises that is known as astral projection (Mental vacations, imagining you are somewhere else when you’re really right there, etc.)  Some induce trances, either medically, spiritually, or naturally.

Some have plenty of sex-on the prowl for that orgasm or ejaculation that will propel them in another time and place, even if its only for a few seconds or minutes.  Some will participate in all kinds of sexcapades and dangerous sexual fantasies, because the last encounter only fueled a desire for MORE encounters.  Another realm of sexual satisfaction-reaching that next orgasm or ejaculation becomes just like a drug addict looking that their next high…

Some will do drugs.  Ectasy, crack, heroin, cocaine, reefer, and a host of other drugs are in demand as they are by a population of people who are looking to ‘de-stress’ from something.

Some will get drunk.  (Why do you think they call alcohol ‘spirits?’)

Some will go to church and participate in all kinds of spiritual exercises to allow themselves to be put in an altered state of consciousness.  Some call it ‘in the spirit.’  What spirit is the million dollar question?

Some will allow preachers with DL lifestyles to lay hands on them to ‘cast a demon out’ of them.  Some will allow another language to come forth out of them, thinking that it is the Holy Ghost.  Some will run and dance all over a building.  (I have personally been in a church service where a man literally rammed his head into a wall, cracking the wall.  Actually putting a head-sized hole in the wall of the sanctuary! We had tauted that the Holy Ghost had ‘moved’ in that place….smh)

Some will allow their favorite mega preachers to call on gods, and then wave their hands over the audience, and then will fall to the ground, stating that they were ‘slain in the spirit.’  Again, WHAT spirit slew you?????

What do ALL of these people have in common?

They ALL are looking for ways to get out of touch with THEIR REALITIES!

THEY are ALL looking for ways to de-stress.

We live in a society that does NOT want to deal with REAL REALITY.  With the amazing rise of so-called ‘reality shows’ that have cropped up on television, you would think that society embraces reality, thus, embracing TRUTH.

Isn’t reality nothing more than THE TRUTH?

The problem is that society wants its own brand of reality-its own brand of truth, and NOT THE TRUTH.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth IS the WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE!

When HE is rejected, then the ones rejecting Him have no other choice but to create their brand(s) of truth.

What better way to do that than to ALTER (OR CHANGE) THE MASSES STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS?

When you do not LOVE THE TRUTH, God promises that He would send a STRONG DELUSION, to make people BELIEVE A LIE! (Romans 1)

I asked God to reveal to me what was with the RISE in people being interested in being in altered states of consciousness?  Being an intellectual, I find it foolish and even dangerous to give our minds over to another power.  To allow another total control or access into our minds.  When we do this-no matter by what means-this gives the devil FREE ACCESS to implant demons in our lives to oppress and-in some cases-possess us.

And by writing this article, He has shown me why.

It is a very dangerous thing to be in denial, because then denial leads to deception.

Masses and masses of people are being deceived-in AND out of the church.

Whatever you do in this hour, don’t lose your head.  Don’t lose your mind.  Don’t give ANYONE total access and control to your mind and spirit.  Be very aware of who prays for you, preaches or teaches to you.  Don’t do drugs, drink, or get caught up in new age practices.  Stop chasing sexcapades.

Deal with your reality.  The truth of it, no matter how painful.  Allow yourself to feel the pain of whatever has come your way, then give it to God.

Let GOD allow you to de-stress and lay your burdens ON HIM.

God is An Exposer

28 Feb

In today’s world, when we see someone being exposed, it is generally viewed as a negative thing.  Bad publicity.  A Scandal.

And-in the world-when the world exposes someone, it is usually with the intent to destroy the reputation and image of another.  They use the TRUTH they know about someone to totally ruin their image.

So this brings us to exposing someone in the church…

When we expose someone (and yes, there are times that we should!), it is supposed to be with the intent of bringing that person to a state of repentance.

Exposure:   The act or an instance of exposing, /Revelation, especially of crime or guilt.

Expose: To reveal the guilt or wrongdoing of/To make known.

It is only in the religious setting that exposure is deemed or looked upon as a bad thing.  But my grandmother used to say that a wound cannot heal unless you let sunlight shine on it and allow fresh air to hit it.  Her argument was that instead of putting bandaids on wounds, that we need to allow air and light to hit the wound, that it will heal faster.

I also have talked to some doctors that have advised me to let a wound ‘air out,’ that fresh air is actually better for some wounds than to try and cover it up or seal it up with gauzes or bandaids.

I chose the picture above because when we understand why the Ten Commandments were written-to show us that we have sin, it is our very nature-Romans 7:7, then we can also understand that GOD HIMSELF exposed ALL OF OUR SIN right then and there.  He had been doing it before then…we just didn’t realize it til Mt. Sinai.

That is why the Levites were consecrated to make sacrifices for our sin.  Because THEN, we knew about our sin.  We were found GUILTY…every last one of us.

But God had a plan of redemption-a way of escape-for us ALL.  And that way was through Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

A priest forever after the order of Melchezidek.

But that way could NOT have been made had we not known that we had sinned.  Until it was EXPOSED that we are all sinners until we are born again.

The very nature of the Word of God is that of an EXPOSER.

Hebrews 4:12
For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

Dividing soul and spirit and discerning the intents of the heart sounds like a fancy way of exposing sin to me…how about you?

If God Himself was not an exposer, we would all still be in our sin.  On our way to hell …in a handbasket.

But because God LOVES us, He will show us ourselves.  He will show us FIRST…and if we don’t get it-or refuse to repent-then He will allow our sin to be aired out in public.

He will allow whatever to whomever to get us out of sin and bondage.

Let the wind of the Holy Ghost and the light of the Word of God shine on our sin-I will for mine-and let GOD’S exposure bring quick healing and deliverance!

You Can Deliver Yourself…

28 Feb

By Pamela Sheppard


Here are some practical ways to start the process of ridding yourself of demonic captivity by casting down imaginations and every high thing that would exalt itself above the knowledge of Christ and bringing every thought into obedience to Him:

  • Your Attitude Toward the Past: You should have no regrets or brooding over things done and undone.  To avoid an evil kind of thinking that leads to brooding, you must learn to discern for yourself if you are simply “thinking” or if you are being drawn into a state of regretting or brooding by the demon that is assigned to YOU. If you are to overcome, you need to know that success at   being set free requires victory over the past, in spite of all your failures that the enemy helps you to list and record in your mind.  Your failures should be dealt with on the basis of I John 1:9.
  • Your Attitude Toward the Future: You must concentrate on the Lord’s own words by “taking no thought for tomorrow.”  Not that you should not think about or even make future plans, but you should be careful not to fall victim to trying to make up in the future for sins of the past that already have been forgiven by God.  Once a sin has been repented of, cleansing will occur when you can forget what is behind and press toward the future that is God’s plan for the rest of your life.
  • Your Attitude Toward Devils and Demons: You should be trained to discern your own thoughts from those implanted into your mind by spirit entities.  You should realize that only the Lord knows your heart and that demons cannot read your mind.  Demons know only the thoughts that THEY have successfully planted into your mind–thoughts that you have received as your own because of the nature of your deception.  Remember this.  “He that doeth the truth, cometh to the light.”  (John 3:21)
  • Your Attitude Toward the Present Moment: Doubt can be a good thing, particularly when those fictitious foundations upon which you have built up your pride system become shaky.  Doubt of this kind can lead to sincere humility.  God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.  Against the enemy, your best weapon is God’s grace.  Your worst mistake in judgment is your assumption that because you profess to be a Christian, that God will protect you from being deceived.  Not so.  It is God Himself who has released strong delusion in our times.  So deception is a matter of course.  God has given us the weapons and the tools to be un-deceived.  Your best weapon is to look around you, and allow your doubt to assist you to question EVERYTHING!
Sheppard’s Counseling Center sets captives free!

Prison bars and walls in the spirit are a lot stronger and several times more sophisticated than they were in the days of Paul and Silas.  In this present complicated age of the 21st century, what we do at Sheppard Counseling Center is investigate, observe and interpret our findings.  The purpose of investigation is to unravel confusion and to unfold the mystery by searching for repetitive themes.  Through concentrated and intelligent inquiry, we gather the clues as to the hidden reason behind your captivity. Demons do their damage by invitation.  We need to find out how you made the invitation to them, and what you must do to rescind it. We also use our knowledge of personality disorders to ascertain the various strategies that your particular personality type will employ to resist your own freedom. We do not waste time on people who use all of their energies to hide crucial things from us or those who become hostile because they are threatened by any real discovery.

We offered you in this post some sound advice on how to begin the process of self deliverance.  If you need our help, call us at 518-477-5759. The lines are open.

What is The Great Falling Away?

28 Feb


(An Excerpt from the Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us)


Protestants have contended that only the Catholic Church is a part of the Harlot because of the deification of Mary, the priesthood and the worship of saints. They believe that these practices hinder the salvation of Catholics.  Yet, what of Protestantism?    Are souls being saved among the denominations and the non-denominations of the Protestant faith today?  I am finding that even the best churches are hazardous, primarily because subtle deception is actually held in place by the sincerity and the commitment of its leadership. To be sincerely wrong can be almost as deadly as being obviously deceived or purposefully deceptive.

From my own vantage point from a deliverance perspective,I have been put in contact with several    demonized Catholics AND Protestants around the country and even the world. As such, there is one major sign that suggests that the church age may be coming to a close.  I am willing to bet that some of you are guessing that the most outstanding sign of the demise of the Protestant church is either dying churches, sinning preachers, the prosperity gospel or even false prophets. These are certainly signs that “Satan has a seat”. But   the most outstanding sign  that Satan may be standing behind the pulpits is one of his cosmic beings,  Jesus Sananda Immanuel.

Consider this. The main reason why the church was commissioned in the first place was to preach a gospel that the Holy Spirit could use to draw the elect to the cross of  Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Yet for 200 years or more, the gospel has been tainted with an insidious error that no one seems to be able to correct and most ministers are totally unaware of it. In a nutshell, the main error is that the people are being taught worldwide   that “God will save them once they make   a decision to choose Jesus Christ of Nazareth.—ie.that the ability to be saved lies in man’s hands.” e-book soft cover

Such a teaching borders on blasphemy because if man is saved by “accepting Jesus,” then the decision is a work of man and not a gift from Godaccording to grace, “lest any man should boast  and declare “I am saved because I ACCEPTED JESUS! Whether denominational or non-denominational, pentecostal or Charismatic, practically the entire Protestant church upholds the “free will” decision approach to salvation.

Do you yourself believe that you can or could be saved any time that YOU wanted to? Do you believe that you are NOW saved simply because you responded to an altar call and/ or you repeated a sinner’s prayer where you “asked Jesus to come into your heart?” If you can answer in the affirmative, then you have been deceived and therein, defiled! You are in jeopardy on judgment day when the Lord looks at you and declares,”I NEVER KNEW YOU!!”

             Alarmingly,what is being preached in practically ALL of the Protestant churches is that through a personal decision–the volition and choice of human will—the lost  can ACCEPT Christ to be saved. This is a tenet that has so strongly grieved the Holy Ghost, that it is reasonable to wonder if He has left Protestantism entirely. Started by a preacher called Charles Finney about 200 years ago, this foundational error has pervasively spread like yeast throughout every corner of the Protestant church. Even the most renowned evangelist of our time, Billy Graham has also preached the ” make a decision”doctrine of salvation to millions upon millions.

Moreover, the church practices of the invitation to Christian discipleship through an altar call and the repeating of “the sinner’s prayer” are the main   anchors that hold the foundation of the “free will method” in place in its attempt to convince the lost that they must be saved by “choosing Christ” before it is too late. Some will even preach the doctrine of hell as a scare tactic to browbeat a “decision for Christ.” The essential root of the problem is that when a person sits in church, in a huge stadium, watches a TV evangelist, or even “is led to Christ” by another professing Christian, the lost are being taught that they can ACCEPTJesus into their own hearts and salvation is automatically theirs for the asking.

Interestingly enough, no where in the word of God is it written that “we accept Christ into our hearts.” Paul wrote to the Romans that we”believe in our hearts that Christ was raised from the dead.” However, Paul did not write that we must “accept Jesus into our hearts.”When we are born again, Jesus does not “enter our hearts.” How can He enter our hearts when He is at the right hand of the Father??? This is why the Lord told His disciples that it was better for them that He went away so that the Holy Ghost would come. The Holy Ghost is that part of the godhead who enters our spirits, causing us to become “temples of God.” The heart and the spirit are two distinctively different entities in man. Similarly, like the words “rapture” and “purgatory”,the phrase “accept Jesus”is yet another religious euphemism, not backed up by scripture.

Furthermore, the message of “I accepted Christ” is so preposterous that it is an offense to the triune Godhead. We DO NOT ACCEPT CHRIST. NO ONE CAN BE SAVED UNLESS GOD HIMSELF HAS ALREADY MADE THE CHOICE!!!! The Father and the Son have already done the choosing or the electing before the beginning of recorded time. When the sinner actually hears the call, he simply responds. Even when a sinner cries out for Jesus, it may appear to be an act of his own free will, yet the Lord said that no man can come to Him unless the Father which sent Him draws them. (John 6:44)

Subsequently, even when a sinner begs the Lord for mercy to save him, he does so because he has been drawn to the cross by the Holy Ghost. Therefore, even our repentance is not human but godly. Godly sorrow is a repentance for sin that has been divinely given to the sinner to cause him to repent, to sorrow over the Lord’s sacrifice.At the cross, a sinner’s spirit is washed, cleansed and forgiven by the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

It is important to state here that nothing stops God, not even the church.When the Lord is ready for the elect, He calls them. If they are sitting on a church pew, He can still reach them, regardless of what they have been listening to. The problem is that many of the elect who are in church believe that they are already saved but they are not. The Father plans to save them. Nevertheless, for the Holy Ghost to draw them to a genuine salvation experience, the strong man must be bound with the light of truth. In this instance, the “strong man” is the religious demon, aka,the Fake Jesus. Jesus Sananda Immanuel.

Come Out From Among Her, My People!

27 Feb

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Are Bishops Needed Today????

27 Feb


Bishops are not needed in the Ekklesia.  Just like butlers are not needed for a building that is about to be demolished.

If a building is condemned to be demolished, then what sense would it make to hire butlers and maids to come to the condemned building?

Likewise, bishops are NOT needed in the REAL church.

How to Leave the Church?

26 Feb

If you need further help leaving the church, call (518) 4775759 today!

Taking Things Personally….

26 Feb

When God calls you out of the church, there will be people that will come up against you.  You MUST develop a thick skin and totally TUNE IN to the voice of GOD and TRUST IN HIS INSTRUCTIONS.

Knowing that people are people, I understand that some of you may have, in fact, become wounded by others in the church who sharply criticized you and even persecuted you because you stepped out in faith to the instruction and commandment of the Lord.

But just like when God protected and provided for the Israelites when they came out from Egyptian bondage, go on and walk it OUT!

You may not know where God has you next-if anywhere.  You may not know the next step.  But your steps TRULY are ordered BY GOD!


If you need help in transitioning from church to Kingdom of God, call  (518) 4775759.

The Deception of the Unsaved Churchgoer

26 Feb

Charles Finney and the Fake Jesus

From the days when Lucifer fell from heaven because of his rebellion against God, what compels this number one fallen angel is that he desires to be worshipped like God.  As such, he will go to ANY lengths to obtain it, even deceive people who think they are worshipping the Son of God when in actuality, they are worshipping one of Satan’s cohorts, the fake Jesus.  The eastern religions are assigned a fallen being who calls himself Maitreya, and deceived Christians and new agers are in league with the fallen angel who called Jesus Sananda Immanuel.  Together, they are an unholy trinity of Satan, the Anti-Christ and the false prophet of the book of Revelation.

Sananda’s plot took shape  under the ministry of a preacher called Charles Finney.

Charles Finney

Finney was quite a wicked looking man, as you can see the devil all up in his face. The man lived a long time when you consider that in his lifetime, the average live span was  from the late forties to about 65.  Finney lived to be 83, from 1792-1875. A fiery New York preacher, Finney’s impact on church traditions and practices has been  so profound, that his influence is still spreading globally almost two centuries later.  Finney’s notoriety is that he is the one who brought the entire church the “make a decision for Christ” through repeating the sinners prayer and the altar call.  A practicing freemason for 8 years, Finney eventually disavowed if.  Yet what I have learned about freemasonry is that it is witchcraft. And you just  don’t walk away from witchcraft without a struggle.

Anyway, in a nutshell,  Finney believed that human beings were capable of choosing whether they would be corrupt by nature or redeemed, referring to original sin as an “anti-scriptural and nonsensical dogma”  In clear terms, Finney denied the notion that human beings possess a sinful nature. Therefore, if Adam leads us into sin,  he does so not by our inheriting his guilt and corruption, but by our  following his poor example, this leads logically to the view of Christ as not having died for sins but for some lofty, moralistic reason.

Well, this was the man who started the altar call, invitation to Christian discipleship, “I accept Jesus,” practice that has led to the greatest falling away—the one that Paul himself predicted would transpire.  Consequently, due to Charles Finney, souls have probably not been saved within the organized church system for at least 150 years!!!! This doctrine has  primarily affected the Protestants much  more than the Catholics. Another fallen angel, Mother Mary had a different strategy for THEM. The “make a decision, I accept Jesus gospel has so permeated all Protestant Church tradition, a problem that Baptist preacher Paul Washer is diligently trying to correct, to no avail.  Washer is correct on this score but there  are errors in his teaching as well, which is yet “another story.”  Another practice that Finney started was to use the preacher’s invitation at the end of a sermon to evoke an emotional response, in other words to create a charged up atmosphere to manipulate a false conversion.

Anyway, the organized church is incapable of fixing a problem that has been built so deep into its foundation for almost two centuries. What makes it “incorrectible” ,  is that the church is not even aware of this essential problem, so Sananda has had his seat in it for quite some time.  His next step was to inspire artists to paint images of a white, blondish hair, blue eyed image of Jesus to put on the walls of the churches, thereby cementing his claim to them.  For when a demon or fallen angel  successfully plants  an object of themselves into any place, they establish squatters rights for the practice of their idolatry.

If you were one who repeated a sinner’s prayer, chances are, you are not saved.  Help is available.  Call 518-477-5759