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30 Jan

Fake Jesus=Fake Christians. YOU do the math.


Did you know that there is a FAKE Jesus out there? YOU could be worshipping him!!!

For those who don’t even know where to start, get a copy of  THE FAKE JESUS:Fallen Angels Among Us

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Are Evangelicals TRUE Christians???

30 Jan

YOU watch the news. YOU see what is going on in this world. YOU see the devil up in the church. So, YOU be the judge.

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New Age Occultism: How I was Set Up!

18 Jan

I would like to share how the enemy had been setting me up throughout my life: As a kid, I had always seen things before they would happen, good or bad, and always wanted to know more about it. Then, when I was around age 13 or 14, I was lying in my bed, just lying there, daydreaming, but somehow ended up in a trance, a meditative state…it was communicated to me through a vision that my mom would die young (I always had visions of things of the future, especially with regard to family members). Not long after, my mom became very ill, with a brain tumor. Fast forward a few years later, and I am at her funeral…she died at age 41 or 42. For anyone who has suffered the death of a loved one, you know the emotional turmoil you go through when you try to sort things out about death. I had wondered what my mom was “experiencing” as a dead person. I think I even knew what the Bible said about what happens when one dies, but I didn’t want to hear that, because it was MY MOM. So, what did I do? I went the occult route, and started “searching” for supernatural ways to help me make sense of death…I had questions like, “Does my mom know she’s dead?” “Is she o.k.?” “Is she around me?” I even remember praying a prayer to get some type of sign that my mother was o.k. So then, not long after that, take a wild guess what happened: I started dreaming of my mother A LOT! We would go places, mostly walking and talking, and she would just be there with me. Then, the most memorable dream I had was this amazing dream of when my mom “appeared” to me, looking as beautiful as ever, wearing one of the same typical outfits she would always wear, floating in mid air, with this bright, magical looking circle of bees around her (she was allergic to bees). She then said, “You see? I’m alright.” Needless to say, that dream gave me a great sense of peace that my mother was o.k., and most likely around me, watching over me all the time, and such; which then led to my fascination with the supernatural. I started seeking out mediums, watching psychics on tv, reading their books, etc…I was into the likes of Sylvia Browne, John Edwards, and Lisa Williams mainly. I had met this one very nice medium online through myspace. She was so sweet, and made me feel very comfortable. She would share things with me about my mom. I also met a friend when I went back to college, just a few years ago, who also claimed to be a medium, and would tell me about my mom, and things I wanted to know regarding my future. I was loving it. And, because I had psychic powers, I too, was interested in developing mine and helping other people. I started automatic writing, calling on spirit guides, and such. Then, one time when a being manifested in front of me, hovered over me in my bed, grabbed me up to a sitting position, and I was spooked! Needless to say I decided to shut all that mess down! LOL!!! After I shut that down, realizing it was from the devil, he led me to my charismatic co-worker who he used to get me into the supernatural in the I.C…fooling me to think that since it was in the church, it was “of God.” I started seeking out charismatic churches, because all I wanted was to experience “The Presence of God, ” and I was just seeking the right church…even though God had called me out a long time ago! The enemy would send me to different charismatic churches, but I never stayed at one long enough to get too attached. But, after more revelation from the Holy Spirit, I completely left the church over the summer, was away from my religious coworker’s heavy influence, and had a burning desire for TRUTH. Then, I found Pam, and was intrigued by her testimony, and the truth she was preaching. Then, the Holy Ghost did the rest of the work and ended up SAVING ME! Through mentoring with Pam, the more I saw the truth of things, and the more I realized how truly CUNNING and EVIL the devil and his demons are! And they don’t give up!!! I have to always be on my guard!

So You Believe You Can Choose God?

17 Jan

We don’t CHOOSE salvation. God chooses US!!!


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End-time Signs: Has the Holy Spirit Left the Church System?

17 Jan



End Time Signs: has the Holy Spirit Left the Church System?

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False Conversion Part 1- The Essentials of the Gospel

17 Jan



If you are interested in getting clarification on the essentials of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, please watch the following series. This one is part 1 of 5. You may also call 1-888-818-1117. Feel free to ask a question and/or  leave a private comment below :

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Get Your End-time Coaching Tool!

8 Jan


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One of the main purposes of “the Church of the End-time Zombies: A Guide To Religious Detox” is to prepare YOU to stand alone as the author did for 8 of the 11 years she has been out of organized religion. Once Pam Sheppard started the online Christian fellowship called RESCUE, she now has supportive friends from several American states and others from South Africa, Dubai, India, Antigua, Finland and Canada. A prolific writer, Pam’s books are really an outgrowth of her main passion: deliverance counseling and pastoring. So this book is a labor of love to all the people around the world that Pam would love to personally pastor, particularly those who have been damaged and deceived by religion as peddled by “the religious.”

Since she is without the resources and capability to…

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Why You Ain’t Saved: Because of Fear and Torment

6 Jan

Did you know that fear enables the enemy? If we have a religious life ruled and motivated by fear, then we are not worshipping Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Instead, a religious evil spirit is masquerading as a fearful, terrifying God and we are unknowingly worshipping the enemy.

The Bible makes it plain that fear and terror is not given to us by God. 2 Timothy 1:7 states, “7For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 1 John 4:18-19 asserts, “18There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. 19We love him, because he first loved us.”

These scriptures make it clear that people who are filled with fear and torment are not receiving this anguish from God. The bible says that perfect love (the number one fruit of the Spirit, the seed of which is planted in us at the moment we get born again) casts out fear. Fear and perfect love that is of God do not go together.

So if you are being continually assaulted with fear and torment, this is a sign that you are not born again. If you are suffering from condemnation and accusation, this is another sign that you are not saved. Born again people do not carry a burden of shame, guilt, and condemnation. According to Romans 8:1, “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” When you get born again, your sins are washed away, and you are given a clean slate. Condemnation no longer plays a role in your life.

Religiosity causes us to fear, because we believe that we need to “do something” to save ourselves, or to make ourselves acceptable to God. It seems like nothing we do is ever enough, so we live in continual fear of going to hell or losing a salvation that we never had in the first place. In reality, there is NOTHING we can do to change our dark, sinful nature. We are sinners by birth, and only a true conversion led by the Holy Spirit can change our nature.

If you are experiencing terror in religion and you would like help to overcome fear and torment, contact Pastor Pam at 1-888-818-1117 or send an email to To learn more about false conversions vs. true conversions, and about how to detox from religiosity, get a copy of The Church of the End-Time Zombies: A Guide to Religious Detox at: (paperback) (eBook)




Being Tricked in Religion

5 Jan

Has the Devil TRICKED you using Religion? Check out this video for further insight.

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Fire and Fury: Why Evil Spirits Torment!

4 Jan


In recent days, an infamous book entitled “Fire and Fury”  reports about  the various factions within the Trump White House. Excerpts shared on TV  expose  the   rivalry, jealousy and factions in operation in the first year of the Donald Trump presidency.  The factions consist of those who support the alt right leadership of Steve Bannon, the Trump Family Members, Traditional Republicans, and the Wall Street folk.  They are supposed to be working for the common goal of the country yet every faction seems to be focused on self advancement and preservation.

As I watched TV yesterday, my thoughts went to how Satan’s army of fallen angels and the various evil spirits and demon under the command of Jesus Sananda Immanuel also have various “departments or divisions,” including but not limited to the occult or new age, the institutional church,  the spirit of death and witchcraft.

For example, if an individual comes out of a witchcraft culture, then turns to new age, and finally seeks Christ and joins the church, a major warfare takes place, with the spirit, soul and body of that  person serving as  the battlefield for Satanic rivals.  As an example, a spirit of death might bombard the captive with thoughts of  suicide,  while the witchcraft demon will cause the captive to feel like he has a snake in his  throat.  The religious demon will fight back and give the captive a fear of going to hell or at least send forth a blasphemous thought to keep the captive attached to religious rituals like futile prayer, fasting, tongues, that only worsen the torment. Why?  Because the religious rituals themselves have been transformed to invite evil spirits.

Rather than work together, each division will fight over their prey wherein the struggle is experienced as both mental and at times physical torment within the soul and body of the one these spirits are fighting over.

Who can deal with all of this fire and fury?

If you are seeking an answer to this question, you need  “the Church of the Endtime Zombies.”

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