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The TRUTH about speaking in Tongues

29 Apr

TRUE SPEAKING IN TONGUES HAS CEASED!!! YEAH I SAID IT! I believe that the current phenomenon occurring in churches today that we typically refer to as “speaking in tongues” is not of God. Don’t believe me? Well, check out this video and give me your thoughts:

Religious Bondage

27 Apr

Being in bondage to religion can cause all kinds of unhappiness, agony, fear, mental anguish, confusion and torment. Something has gotten a hold of your mind, and washed all of the common sense out of it. You no longer think for yourself. You no longer have control of your life. You just go through the motions, doing things because you believe that is what you are supposed to do to be “right with God.” You are believing things that really aren’t true, and are in bondage to those FALSE BELIEFS. There is a certain level of bondage one experiences when being caught up in religion. It changes your moral code, forces you to buy into certain beliefs, forces you to follow certain rules, and puts you in situations where certain expectations are established. There is no freedom in being brainwashed into conforming to a certain belief system, then structuring YOUR ENTIRE LIFE around it. To me, it feels like prison.

Now that I am no longer religious, I can take a step back and see it for what it truly is. From the outside looking in, there is no freedom to live your life without guilt. All of a sudden, you are EXPECTED to attend all types of church events and functions, and perform certain religious acts, just to maintain a certain level of “spirituality.” To put it plain, RELIGION IS BURDENSOME. Living for the Lord should NOT be burdensome. His yoke is EASY and his burden is LIGHT.

You have the right to NOT ATTEND any function you choose to not attend. You should not feel like you have to pray more, read the Bible more, or do more religious acts in order to get God to hear you, acknowledge you, or respond to you. God’s love is UNCONDITIONAL. He does not give blessings to people based on the amount or deepness of prayer, the amount of times you attend a church function, or the amount of religious works you perform. Remember, in TRUTH there is FREEDOM.


Truth and Deliverance

22 Apr

I have run into some intelligent, gifted people some of whom have worked in Pam Sheppard Ministries in some capacity.  However, I have  had to cut them loose and walk away when they insist that they are born again, when I perceive nothing in their testimony  that bares witness with the gospel of the cross and the resurrection.

Anyone who is unwilling to examine their rebirth testimony is one who  is under the influence of the enemy and will end up being quite dangerous to me and unfortunately, I cannot bring  them close.

  Why?  Because of this.

They have believed the enemy’s counterfeit and allowed religious demons to  persuade them that their conversion is not false. When you believe a lie, you become   an open vessels to obsession and possession, and therefore CANNOT BE TRUSTED!!! Anyone who lives with a delusion of salvation will eventually become a Judas to a true, born again believer. I have adjusted myself to let them go and be free to meet their own destruction face to face with the devil. 

Most tormented people don’t want to face this.  

Deliverance workers like myself are not responsible for anyone’s deliverance.  We did not cause the torment or the bondage.  What we should be responsible for is truth.  The captive is responsible to accept truth with hisor her own free will.  Demons have no authority to enter ANY human being unless they are invited.  That is why they concentrate on children who are under the authority of parents for their protection from evil spirits.  So if demons got their invitation into you by the failure of  your parents, it is up to you as an adult to use your free will to revoke that invitation.  

You can’t do it until you apprehend truth.

Here are some words about the importance of truth from Jessie Penn-Lewis:

There is a fundamental principle involved in the freeing power of truth from the deceptions of the devil. Deliverance from believing lies must be by believing truth . Nothing can remove a lie but truth. “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8: 32), is applicable to every aspect of truth, as well as the special truth referred to by the Lord when He spoke these words.

Staying Free in Perilous Times!

17 Apr

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One of the main purposes of “the Church of the End-time Zombies: A Guide To Religious Detox” is to prepare YOU to stand alone as the author did for 8 of the 11 years she has been out of organized religion. Once Pam Sheppard started the online Christian fellowship called RESCUE, she now has supportive friends from several American states and others from South Africa, Dubai, India, Antigua, Finland and Canada. A prolific writer, Pam’s books are really an outgrowth of her main passion: deliverance counseling and pastoring. So this book is a labor of love to all the people around the world that Pam would love to personally pastor, particularly those who have been damaged and deceived by religion as peddled by “the religious.”

Since she is without the resources and capability to personally pastor the millions who are in dire need, she is using this book to coach those who will one day have to stand alone as she did. So as a labor of love, Pam has jam-packed almost 300 pages with loads of truths to prepare you for the evil day. It was a book written a century ago that turned Pam’s life upside down and served as the catalyst to open her eyes to comprehend just how deeply the enemy’s infiltration into the institutional church had personally hindered her walk in the spirit. “War on the Saints” set her free from being a Christian zombie for 25 years.

So this her 7th book is motivated by her democratic belief in the free will of the individual to be un-deluded in this Laodicean age of deception where “Satan has deceived the entire world.” For those who have an ear to hear and an eye to see, this eye-opening book will take you on the narrow road to meet the true and real Jesus Christ of Nazareth for yourself, without the influence or the mediation of the blind controlling and leading the blind. This book will pull you out of your religious ditch and cause you to stand on solid, good ground that will prepare you to “really be born again.” In fact, You will be able to clarify for yourself what has kept you deceived and what you need to know to address your own vulnerabilities and triumph over them.

In her 6 earlier books, Pam established and presented a framework to unravel religious deception which she elaborates on and enhances in “the Church of the End-time Zombies.” Nothing is withheld that would be useful to you but one subject, demonic soul-ties, the subject of its own book. This book is conversational in its language style as Pam personally coaches you from each page.

Then there are those of you who do not have to stand alone, as RESCUE still has the capability to receive your membership. To know more about RESCUE, watch these videos.

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