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Setting Captives Free is the Purpose of My Life!

30 Jun
I used to work in prisons and jails for 17 years as a state employee. I monitored and assessed my state’s correctional institutions according to minimum standards, some of which I also personally wrote. I was in correctional facilities 8 hours a day or longer, , 10 days out of each month for several years. I entered each facility waving my official badge. While a state employee, I married a prisoner in 1988. So for 8 years, I was in prison every weekend, leaving my badge locked up in my car, entering the gate as just another prisoner’s wife. Once I left my state job in 1997, I once again found myself “in prison” as a group counselor on Thursdays and a preacher on Sundays with male prisoners, a ministry of 7 additional years. Some of these years overlapped but in total, I have at least 25 years of diversified correctional experience as a state manager, a group counselor, a prison wife and a minister. I have not been “in prison” for about 12 years. Recently, I dreamt that I was behind bars once again, not as a state worker or a wife but conducting my ministry and programs as I do today. So when my work for the day was done, as I was about to head for the gate, I heard a voice say that I WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED OUT. I TOOK NO HEED TO IT, AND I WENT ON THAT LONG WALK I took for 17 years, from the back of each prison complex to the front gate. In the dream, I did so, unescorted and no one tried to stop or harm me. As expected, AN OFFICER WAS THERE AND HE OPENED THE GATE AND HE LET ME OUT. As I was laying in my bed upon waking, I received the interpretation. It was revealed that my actual life of 17 years “inside” of over 30 correctional facilities as an official manager with statewide authority is symbolic OF MY SPIRITUAL LIFE. My work for the Lord is to use the authority bestowed upon me by Jesus Christ of Nazareth as I continue to enter into the spiritual dungeons of the devil. Each time I enter, I confront the enemy, release the captive, and come out myself, completely unscathed! The officer in the dream who “let me out” of the spiritual prison house is my angel. He protects me by the power and the authority of the Holy Ghost. So call me. 888-818-1117. Or Write me. My books set captives free also. Visit or For Amazon, go to

Becoming Born Again is the Key to Deliverance From Torment

17 Jun

Several of the  demonically tormented people who I have served online  since 2002 were active members of  either Charismatic or Pentecostal churches. Others  entered into the occult and ignorantly developed into  New Age practitioners or student idolaters of Eastern religions like Hinduism Or Buddhism. What each group has in common with each other is that most of them left these practices and became tormented once they became professing Christians. My experience is that 100 percent of them believed themselves to be born again yet they ALL had false conversions.

Actually, what I have found is that white magic practitioners  who attend Christian churches are so shackled to the sin of idolatry, that release from demonic captivity is unobtainable without a thorough confession and renunciation of charismatic witchcraft.  As a consequence, the spiritual pride deeply rooted within the Charismatic movement and New Age occultism  remain a pervasive stumbling block and God Himself resists them.

Click the cover for the paperback and the title link for the e-book,

In the book the New Idolatry,  you will find a quote concerning demonism and psychotherapy by  German psychiatrist Alfred Lechler.  Dr. Lechler shed a somber light on demonic captivity:

“What then must we regard as the cause of demonic enslavement or possession?  If we enquire closely from such people as bear the marks we have just mentioned, we very often find in their background the use of magic means such as are employed in black magic–acts of charming or being charmed, the sin of fortune-telling or visits to fortune tellers and card layers, and participation in spiritist sessions.  Black magic is much more prevalent than is ordinarily assumed…When we look into the Bible, we note that it too is well acquainted with enchantment.  It is in Acts 19 described as a ‘prying art.’ (here we also find mention of magic books.)”

I have found Dr.Lechler”s perspective to be significantly comparable   to my own experience in working with professing Christians in torment. In addition, I offer the following points:

1. Satan does not torment his own people, as long as they continue to serve his agenda.

For this reason, occultists, Charismatics, Catholics, and converts to Eastern religious practices remain incredulous that professing Christians are tormented by what they themselves believe, practice, and wholeheartedly support. For Satan  while actually provides several of  his followers with fame and fortune, they are shocked when other practitioners reveal the torment they have endured.   As a consequence, the spiritual pride deeply rooted within each idolatrous practice  remains the stumbling block as “God resists the proud.”

2. Satan’s people will remain unwilling to accept that others are being tormented. They will rationalize and respond “you did not understand so you did not know what you were doing.” Here is a common example of someone who professes to be a Christian:

I’ve been dealing with Chakra meditation for some time and I have the ability to see past present and future I’ve seen a lot through my courses of traveling e.g. other universes entities of a dark nature and of light the discernment between the both is quite distinctive and the last time I check I didn’t see any demons coming out of them although demons exist without a doubt you don’t have to indulge and partake in the fruit of the forbidden. that is strictly a personal choice the Most High is not some mystical man who sits in the sky casting judgment upon his creations. Oh no my friend. He is much more then that. He is the infinite he is the all he is me and you and everything fathomable in existence he is the Is all interwoven through trans-dimensional strings and spheres of perception that can only be seen from different degrees of frequency and in order to see these things you must be in touch with the light body itself. Although permanently attached not connected because connectors have been severed by the systematic removal of truth and spiritual knowledge and also the misinterpretation of the word. You know not of which you speak but only because of that which you do not seek.

3. God does not torment anyone, yet He will allow Satan to torment those whom He has chosen for salvation to draw them out of false religious dogma and practices, , New age white magic, black magic and/or the Charismatic movement.

4. The tormented want to be free of torment, as is expected.  But for most of them, they would live in utter darkness, eternally deceived without the torment. What they don’t realize is that regardless of what they try to do to get rid of the torment, a long as they do not center their attention less on the torment and mote upon who Jesus Christ is and what He has done, their days of torment will be prolonged.

The catch-22 is this!!!

The tormented  need to be born again and there is only one thing they can do in that regard.  TURN AWAY FROM THE FORMER WAYS, TEACHINGS AND PRACTICES. FOR IF YOUR RIGHT HAND OFFEND YOU, CUT IT OFF!!!!

This does not mean that the torment will stop completely.  What will  totally stop the torment is a true rebirth, a bona fide conversion that  cannot  be brought  about by “accepting Jesus” and “asking Him to come into your  heart.  No sinner’s prayer will bring about the birth of  new spirit.

So as part 1 is resisting the devil. part 2 is even harder because there is nothing anyone can to  deserve to be born again.  Part 2 involves hearing the gospel ALL OVER AGAIN AFTER YOU HAVE DETOXED FROM YOUR FORMER IDOLATRY. 

So what is the solution?

Humble yourself  and wait!!!!

Come to terms with the fact that you practiced witchcraft.!!!!! Witches in the old testament were stoned to death for their acts of idolatry.  Has God stoned you yet?  if not, Be thankful that He  has allowed you to live.  Why?  Because of His mercy,  the sacrifice of His Son on the cross, and His bodily resurrection!!!!

He knows where you are, He has allowed Satan to torment you  and if He has chosen you, He shall deliver you.

Pam Sheppard Ministries primary mission is to edify the saints and to prepare you to be set free.  If you need help, complete the contact form below or call 888-818-1117.

Religion and Passivity: Take Back Your Ground!

6 Jun

Obtaining freedom from bondage and torment involves a captive fighting against passivity, and strengthening his or her free will to stand against the enemy. This passage below by Jessie Penn-Lewis, author of War on the Saints, describes what a captive must do to be delivered from passivity:

“An important point in deliverance from passivity is to keep perpetually in the mind, the standard of the normal condition, and if at any time the believer drops below it to find out the cause, so as to have it removed. Whatever faculty, or part of the being, has been surrendered into passivity, and therefore lost for use, must be retaken by the active exercise of the will, and brought back into personal control.

The “ground” given which caused any faculty to fall into bondage to the enemy, must be found out, and given up; and then refused persistently, in a steady resistance to the spirits of evil in their hold of it, remembering that the powers of darkness fight against the loss of any part of their kingdom in man, as much as any earthly government would fight to protect its own territory and subjects. The “Stronger than he” is the Conqueror, and strengthens the believer for the battle, and to recover all the spoil.”

There is no denying that Jessie Penn-Lewis continues to remain a powerful woman of God more than 100 years since her death in 1915. Yet I would ask Jessie today, “what if passivity has become a religious person’s “new normal,” so he or she cannot even perceive the changes in the soul as evidence that the enemy has already seized and taken ground?”

Take me as an example. I was born bold and assertive. When I was an atheist from childhood to age 33, when I was disrespected or abused, out of pride, I pretended I did not notice. I am normally a person who “stands my ground.” I am even MORE vigilant today, for if you step on my toe the FIRST time, you will hear from me in a strong but reasonable way such that there will not be a second or a third time because you will be out of my life.

Yet prior to goint to church and religion, I was such that If you stepped on my toes a few times, if I let you slide way too much, the next time you did so, you would find me with a stranglehold on you, wondering “what da hell did I do?”


I am pleased to report that my normal has significantly changed over 42 years born again!!! Today, I swiftly recognize an abuser and not once will you see me be a victim to anyone because I protect my ground with vigilance, yet in peace. But while a minister in a denomination, I let people walk all over me because I thought “this is how a godly person acts.” The truth is that RELIGION CAUSED THE DEVIL TO USE RELIGIOUS PEOPLE TO TAKE GROUND FROM ME, particularly because none of those who abused me were even born again because THE CHURCH WAS FILLED WITH SINNERS!!!! .

Religion took my commonsense from me in more ways than one. So I am more than capable of helping YOU to “take back your ground, in peace!” Here is what one of my long term disciples recently wrote about me:

Deliverance counseling with Pastor Pam helps you take back complete control over your free will, which God has given to you. You will learn that overcoming passivity involves using your free will, common sense, and logic to make decisions.

So contact me if you need some help with “taking back your ground” at 888-818-1117 or email me at The book, “The Church of the End-time Zombies is an adjunct to overcoming passivity.

Social Media Ushering a New Era of Contacting Evil Spirits: When Children Practice Divination

6 Jun

In the twenty-first century, smartphones and tablets have given children unlimited access to the world. By a moment’s instant, a child may jump from a simple, cartoon movie to sinister, horror film. Then, to boot, they can watch a video that coaxes viewers into harmful, countless behaviors like swallowing raw cinnamon and poisonous Tide-Pods. With that in mind, however, parental controls may not detect the videos that leave children susceptible to the supernatural. Nowadays, adults and children alike are unknowingly inviting evil spirits into their homes by performing divination witnessed on Youtube and other social media platforms.

Divination games were played before the arrival of the smartphone. However, the arrival of social media has popularized divination games beyond their previous vintage notoriety. In 2015, the hashtag #CharlieCharlieChallenge propagated the usage of a pseudo-Ouija board originating from Spain. Formerly known as el Juego de la Lapicera (Direct translation: “The Game of the Pencil” or simply “The Pencil Game”), the original “Charlie” game involves two players holding two pencils in the shape of a square, pressing the ends of their pencils against the other player’s. Similar to an Ouija board, the players would move their pencils without conscious control.

Although, the modern version of “Charlie” differs as a two-pencil game. Two pencils (or pens) are used to create a grid (with sectors labeled “yes” and “no.”) From there, players may invite a spirit named “Charlie” to answer their questions. The overlaying pencil is expected to rotate to specify Charlie’s answers. The first question generally involves whether Charlie is willing to play or presenting themselves to speak.

Skeptics point out that the overlaying pencil is shakily balanced onto the midpoint of another pencil so that it can rotate very easily from heavy breathing, gutsful wind, or uneven surfaces.

That said, when actual spirits begin to play the game with the kids, trouble starts.

My younger sister was approached to play a version of “Charlie” with a Bloody Mary twist by an older neighbor. (For those unaware, the game “Bloody Mary” involves players lighting candles, spinning around a set number of times, calling “Bloody Mary.”) As my younger sister was five years old, she didn’t understand the dangers of divination games. So, she played along. (We’ll call her Eliza.)

From memory, I recall Eliza and my neighbor spinning around, calling upon Charlie, and sometimes throwing Bloody Mary into the mix. They wanted to get scared. They wanted a response.

My sister certainly got a response.

For the next five years, Eliza experienced supernatural voices and unexplainable shadows to a point where she normalized them. It wasn’t until the voices became alluring and condemning that she realized something was wrong. Originally, subtle whispers became much louder. They’d call her name and hastily protest “No!” to positive things like her reading therapy or eating her favorite foods.

Here are steps to rectify demonic torment caused by divination games like the Charlie Charlie Challenge, Bloody Mary, and countless others. (Eliza has followed these rules and experienced relief in a week!)

1.    Verbally renounce playing the game by using its title. (You can say that you do not wish to play the game anymore, you have no more interest in the paranormal, and you revoke any invitation made to evil spirits.)

2.    Confront any lingering voices. (Whatever they say, tell them that you are not listening. They cannot manipulate or control you. Demons hate pursuing people with strong willpower!)

3.    Eliminate ‘religious practices.’ (Holy water, anointing oil, salt boundaries, rosary prayers, prayers of protection, Bible verses, etc.) Those things do not work. The evil spirits grant temporary relief to fool people.

4.    Do NOT go to church to have someone lay their hands or to pray over you. (In short, there are evil spirits in the Institutional Church such as the Antichrist and the Kundalini. These spirits have the potential to be transmitted from person-to-person that could potentially make things even worse!)

If these steps do not provide relief, there might be other legal grounds that the spirits have over you. If you need help, you may contact Pam Sheppard at 888-818-1117 or email her at  
Pam Sheppard also has a video that describes the strategies of evil, divination spirits. If you wish to learn more information about the practice and dangers of necromancy

Religion itself Is A Temptation

4 Jun



Religion is what we are all used to and religion is of the devil. With most Christians, religion is an endeavor to be what we are not and to do what we cannot do. Religious people are always struggling not to love the world because deep in their heart, they love the world. I am so far removed from the world, that I sometimes need a wake up call as to “where I really stand.”

Recently, I was invited to participate in an African-American Group called “Sisters,” on Facebook. I thought it a good opportunity to reach churchgoing women of color. All of a sudden, I started to get loads of status posts on my cell phone. I discovered that the concerns the women on this group have as “hot topics” is so foreign to me, that I had to delete myself from the group. I would not allow myself to be contaminated by a group that is overcome with the issues of this world.

Then again, religious people are always trying to act humble, because deep in their hearts, they are really proud. The proud are recognizable because they always have a need to defend themselves, to have the last word, and to ascend over others. The temptation that the demon assigned to you is designed to draw you out to vindicate your own integrity. So many are people pleasers, and therefore, they can’t share their sins with other saints, because they expect to be judged and they actually care what others think of them. I am able to share my sins with others because people pleasing is no longer a part of my character. We need to keep at the forefront of our minds that only the Holy Ghost can bear witness of who we are, as long as we leave the building of our character in His hands. Self vindication is a sign of the subtle life of self that only reveals itself AFTER we experience spiritual power, for each stage of spiritual growth has its own temptations and perils.

Consequently, religion is both a temptation and a peril that can lead us to sin for several reasons and in countless ways. Since religiosity takes the job of the Holy Ghost into our own hands, those who are legalistic attempt to grow themselves and others by judgmental rules and standards that create bondage.

Those in bondage through legalism will find themselves in a perilous captivity. I have victory over temptation because I do not allow the legalism of man and the accusations of the devil to put me into condemnation.

Can anybody relate?  I was the least religious person you could find, yet I too was religious.

For dealing with temptations regarding religion, I HIGHLY recommend “the Zombie book” because it reveals how evil spirits will use false doctrine to tempt legalistic people to continue to fall into temptation with religion.


3 Jun

IF you understand the MESSAGE that the enemy has taken over the pulpits, then you understand how SERIOUS it is to ‘overcome’ in the evil day. Pam Sheppard Ministries ( PSM ) has an emphasis to help you overcome in the evil day. Pam Sheppard desires to MAKE DISCIPLES of YOU by the hand of God.

The goal is to help YOU develop your skills, gifts and talents, so that you are able to take facts and knowledge and turn them into wisdom, and EFFECTIVELY COMMUNICATE it to others. The concept is to take groups of facts (truths and un-truths) and be able to DISSECT THEM to uncover and expose the Devil’s FALSE and MIXED DOCTRINE that masquerades as LIGHT, but is NOT.

When the enemy is IN YOUR FACE over something SERIOUS, YOU WILL NEED TO KNOW WHAT TO DO or WHAT ‘NOT’ TO DO; To be able to simplify your journey in TRUTH so that you can navigate through the EVIL DAY. PAM SHEPPARD MINISTRIES helped me to regain the full use of my will so that I could fully OBEY GOD with the truths that I learn. For other testimonies, click here.

My name is Tina Lynn and I have been a member of RESCUE Group Fellowship since October 2014, , almost 5 years now.  Each year I have travelled  from Florida to our annual workshop held in NY so I have met face to face with  Pastor Pam and with other RESCUE members in attendance.  If you need help, have felt displaced in the institutional church and believe yourself to be called out, yet still desire to help others, and you desire to share and grow with like-minded people, then give us a call at 1-888-818-1117 or send us an email at

Freedom By Deliverance Counseling

1 Jun

Are you looking for complete freedom in Christ? Well, my brothers and sisters, this article is written just for you! COUNSELING HAS BEEN MY SECULAR PROFESSION SINCE 1973. An ordained minister who served as a pastor for 17 years, I functioned in a deliverance ministry for 25 years while in the institutional church. The fruits that I have to show for over 4 decades of professional work is a boatload of mistakes which God has turned into golden nuggets of truth. As such, I have developed a deliverance counseling model that is unique. It is outlined in my third book, “Faces of the Religious Demon: Freedom Through Deliverance Counseling.” I call it “deliverance counseling.”

The main objective of Christian deliverance counseling, coaching and mentoring is to set captives free. At Pam Sheppard Ministries, the most important tool in the process is actually the one who is in demonic captivity. . For example, if during the assessment process, you reveal that your faith is weak, or that there are major issues of doubt and un-belief, then a major objective of the assessment phase would be to build up the your faith.

The treatment plan lists your besetting issues, blockages within the situation, your goals, objectives and the strategies toward building of your faith. As a team, you and I will also consider explore your network system of believers who can support you. In fact, PSM provides your support by inviting you to join RESCUE Fellowship, a private online group, a branch of Pam Sheppard Ministries aka (PSM) RESCUE is established for spiritual growth, support and encouragement. It is in RESCUE that I pastor each individual within a group setting.

It is what it is but the Christian client today is one who has been duped by the visible church into easy believism. Many have repeated a sinner’s prayer, acknowledged that they have accepted Jesus Christ into their hearts, and declared to be saved or born again. What has happened is that the fake Jesus answered their invitation. They have worshipped Him through prayer meetings, bible studies, song and dance, yet they are not born again and may even have been subjected to a false conversion.. They don’t know it but the enemy DOES. Therefore, the weapons of spiritual warfare do not work for them.

Without the weapons that redemption affords: the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith, the girdles of truth, the feet shod with the gospel of peace and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God, the captive has to rely on a Christian counselor or minister who is truly saved—one who can successfully work the spiritual weapons against principalities and powers. Even so, we have found that the captives’ free will is their best weapon. So in deliverance counseling and mentoring, we will encourage you to fight in cold blood. From a Christian perspective, our role is akin to a trainer who prepares a prizefighter for a boxing match.

As a spiritual trainer and coach, we have no magic wands to wave. Deliverance counseling TAKES TIME, not just to set you free but to KEEP you free for the rest of your life on earth, as well as to coach you to become one who can set others free. .Like a cut–man or a trainer in a boxing match, we stay in the captive’s corner, giving specific instructions as to how to win the fight. It is left up to you to take our instructions, and do all that you can do.

When the time is right, I will step in and finish the fight by casting out demons and commanding fallen angels to go about somebody elses business. It has been our experience at RESCUE, that until new members use their own free will to revoke the invitation that they made to the fake Jesus, their psychic doorways or chakras will remain open, and demons will have unhindered access to their souls and spirits.

So we focus on closing those gateways by truth. If the captive does not fight the process, victory is assured. Since December 2002, I have discovered an astounding statistic. At least 95% of the churchgoing captives who we have served–about 500 professing Christians— did not understand either sin, repentance or the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. They do not know that they received the fake Jesus. Consequently, they worship whom they do not know.

This is an extremely appalling, pervasive condition, of epidemic proportions within the worldwide church. Since I have counseled people in Australia, South Africa, the UK, Japan, Canada, Dubai, the Caribbean and from at least 1/3 of the states in America, the problem is the same. An imposter god is being worshipped as if he is the Lord Almighty. No wonder Jesus warned that in there would be people who would call Him “Lord,” and He will say “I NEVER knew you.”

If you would like to arrange an appointment for deliverance counseling or deliverance mentoring, call 888-818-1117 or send an email to

As you read “Faces of the Religious Demon,” you will find that each face or profile offers new insights and challenges. More recent profiles and deliverance counseling practices are included in The Church of the End-time Zombies: A Guide to Religious Detox. You the reader will learn how any ground obtained by spirit entities , no matter how small or seemingly insignificant is “GROUND POSSESSED,” even though a captive himself may have no obvious manifestation of total possession. Your eyes will also be opened to realize that even the slightest of ground claimed by the enemy can be so debilitating and even toxic to spiritual growth and empowerment, what is the point of quibbling over terms and inches?!” For if a demon has only one inch of territory, it will seem like a mile to a tormented captive.

I have personally mentored and trained each of RESCUE’S members and workers, some for four year and others for 7 years. The best approach is to have one 30 minute session a week, complete each weekly assignment and be active daily, according to your time and schedule, in the private RESCUE group on a regular, consistent basis.

So call 888-818-1117 or write to and lets get started!!!