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The Prosperity Gospel: Flagrant Corruption, An Abomination!

22 Oct

Don’t expect to be set free from evil spirits if you are “doing a seed.” You are already in the hands of religious evil spirits.


A Quote from The Church of the Endtime Zombies:

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The Role of the Prosperity Gospel

Walter Wink’s model of assumptions reminds me of the prosperity gospel that started among American charismatics about 30-40 years ago and has spread throughout almost every denomination and non-denomination around the world. MacArthur adds meat to Wink’s assumptions held by worldly institutions, quite astutely expressed:

The prosperity message unashamedly calls people to place their hope in the passing pleasures of this world. Rather than denouncing wrong desires, it glorifies worldly lifestyles, feeds on sinful greed, and makes poppycock promises to desperate people: “Get right with the Lord and he will give you a well- paid job, a nice house and a new car.”

Walter Wink, Engaging the Powers, Fortress Press, 1992, pg. 95
MacArthur, Strange Fire, The Danger of Offending the Holy Spirit With Counterfeit Worship, 2013 Kindle

Actually, the prosperity gospel has armed…

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Fallen Angels: A Snapshot of a Gargoyle’s Head!

21 Oct

If you are born again, Satan has assigned a fallen angel to watch and hinder you. the Apostle Paul referred to the messenger of Satan assigned to him in symbolic terms as “a thorn in His side,” sent to buffet him. God’s Gracie is STILL sufficient in MY life!!!!


Gargoyles vary in their appearance.  I found a picture of a gargoyle who resembles the one who appeared in picture taken of me. Here it is.


I have seen fallen angels and demons on photographs at least 10 times or more over the last 40 years.  Never have I seen one of God’s angels so I don’t know what they look like. However, others have seen an angel covering me while I preached. I have been told that if I stepped left, he stepped left. If I stepped right, he stepped right. He is described as big, tall and fierce. 

I was born again in my apartment on March 29, 1977, at 4pm on a Monday. In 1978 or thereabouts , I counseled narcotic addicts and alcoholics in recovery. I recall an incident  when a drunk client tried to attack me while I was alone at night  in my office…

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Countdown to the Return of the Lord!

14 Oct

The ultimate freedom is to be set free of the bondage not only of spiritual death but physical death as well. The Lord could return in your lifetime.

Endtime Ebook Library

This is a question that the elect need to know the answer to. We cannot know the day or the hour but we can know the season. How can we know this? By heeding the words of the Lord Jesus Christ:

“Now learn this parable from the fig tree: When its branch has already become tender and puts forth leaves, you know that summer is near. So you also, when you see all these things, know that it is near—at the doors! Assuredly, I say to you, this generation will by no means pass away till all these things take place. Matthew 24:32-34

Is the last generation  alive at this hour? Are YOU in the last generation? If so,then it is possible that you can know the season as long as you are equipped to learn and discern!

Even though  The average season is about 3 months, the scriptures outline…

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Whose Pulling Your Strings?

6 Oct


Is it possible that you have a demonic soul tie with a relative, a friend, or a co=worker or a boss, or even a spouse or a love interest?

If so, then you need information about demonic soul ties that our online course will provide you. A free course of articles and videos, you purchase the ebooks for a mere $20.

Course Description: This course is unique as it deals with two sides of this subject: Demonic soul ties with both human beings and also soul ties between human beings and evil spirits. On the human to human side, societal, religious and cultural issues that influence access to evil spirits to join together an unholy union are addressed, including but not limited to soulmate fantasies and assumptions, Prince Charming, the Boaz Fantasy, in bondage to a narcissist, and Marriage and Soul tie Scam of religious evil spirits. On the spirit side, topics include: communal intoxication. Spirit rape, the Bridal Paradigm, spiritual husbands and Romancing Jesus.

Our courses have no deadlines as they are designed to fit in with your schedule and your lifestyle.

Though not required, an additional option is to receive an email coach for two weeks. Your will answer your questions for a reasonable fee within 48 hours or less. If you find after reviewing the course that you would like a coach, send an email to and one will be assigned to you.

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Becoming An Un-Deceived Disciple

3 Oct




Becoming an un-deceived disciple of Jesus Christ compels the elect of God to synthesize knowledge, wisdom and insight to understand, expose and advise others of the nature of worldwide religious deception. As such, the courses of the Deliverance Academy of Pam Sheppard Ministries are designed to strengthen you beyond your wildest expectations toward the goal of expanding your spiritual growth. Maturity of this kind involves both death and resurrection relative to your previous assumptions, practices and beliefs so that the anointing of the Holy Spirit will lead you to the truth.

Consider the course, Satan’s End-time Agenda

We are living in a time when just about everybody in the world has a sense that we are at or near the end of the world as we know it. Do we do nothing, and just wait for the bomb to fall? No, we do as the Lord said: watch, wait and prepare for various events must transpire before He returns to earth. This course explores how fallen angels have been planning for the coming of the Anti-Christ, an event that the scriptures warn must occur before Jesus Christ of Nazareth returns. Some of the course topics include: Russia and America, God’s Angels vs Fallen Angels, the One World Harlot Church, and much more!

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Do Not Force Truth on Religious Zombies!

2 Oct


You should not  force truth on the world. In fact, as an author and a minister, I don’t pressure anyone to believe me. I just pump it out in a Blog, a video TEACHING, A SERMON, ,a COURSE or IN MY BOOKS===

like BAM!

In other words, take this or leave this as you have a very nice day.

I don’t try to force blind churchgoers to see that the religion they are in is not of God but is instead a bunch of religious lies from the enemy. What actually happens is that zombies who receive the truth are those who have already been prepared by the Holy Ghost. SO IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN PREPARED THEN YOU WILL REMAIN DECEIVED and nothing i write or say will mean ANYTHING TO YOU.

Pam Sheppard Ministries (PSM) leaves the un-deception OF ZOMBIES up to the Holy Ghost to open their eyes and show them. It is NOT our job to coerce anyone with the truth. Therefore, you will be required to be as wise as a serpent but as harmless as a dove when zombies are sent to you by God, so as to use YOU  to help undeceive them. Some will be sent by the devil to mock you and to cause confusion.

So, what do you do? You watch and wait and see.

As truth is preached within Pam Sheppard Ministries, it doesn’t take very long for us to tell the difference. When it is the enemy, religious demons in Christian zombies who are bound by their religious persuasions will ultimately show their hand and become confrontational. What they tried to hide can no longer be restrained.

You best believe that every hidden Judas will be exposed, hopefully before they have caused irreparable damage. Prayer is real important to prevent the enemy from destroying everything. Satan has captured the world in politics, religion and every other system.

It is what it is. Deception is the rule and not the exception.

That is, until the Lord Jesus Christ returns to earth! Then we say to Satan “all bets are off!!!”

To know more about Satan’s agenda for these times particularly as it relate to the elect, the world and the devil, any one of these books will open your eyes. The Church of the End-time Zombies, The Fake Jesus and the New Idolatry.

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