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Beware of Meditation and Yoga!

25 Feb

Written by Sarah

I started practicing guided meditations and chanting mantras when I was twenty years old. I often combined this with marijuana use. At first, I received relief from anxious thoughts and depression, but it didn’t last. I began to be tormented with vivid nightmares, visions of moving shadows, and a strange phenomenon which I called, “blacking-out.” Black outs happened during the day when I was fully sober.

Unconsciously, I would stop breathing while my mind went “offline.” I estimate that this would last for at least 30 seconds. During a blackout, an outsider would say of me that, “the lights were on, but no one was home.” I would have no re-collection of where my mind went or how long I wasn’t breathing once I “came to.” I believe that this phenomenon was evidence that, through my meditation practice, I was trained to enter into the altered state on command. All of this was possible because I chose to be passive.

Like many others, I was deceived into believing that I was improving my mental health through harmless meditations. Demons were entering my opened chakras the entire time. People open their chakras by entering into an altered state of consciousness through passivity. Passivity means that one’s mind is unfruitful.

A passive mind is one where the part of the brain is responsible for rational decision-making, the frontal lobe, is inactive. All thinking stops. A person enters into a passive state through various practices, such as: meditation, chanting, falling slain in the spirit, yoga, reiki, dancing, daydreaming, speaking in tongues, and alcohol/drug use.

These practices create an altered state of consciousness, or a trance. Therefore, one enters into an altered state by allowing their mind to become passive. The altered state is how one’s chakras (a.k.a. demonic doorways to the soul) open. Evil spirits enter a person’s soul through their opened chakras. Entering into an altered state is an invitation for demons to legally enter into one’s soul. Demons cannot enter into someone unless they are in an altered state.

The enemy uses the altered state of consciousness and the 7 chakras to produce a false conversion. The “I Accept Jesus” practice involves passively saying a prayer asking Jesus to “come into my heart.” This prayer is unbiblical. However, the person is tricked into believing that they have invited the true Jesus Christ of Nazareth into their heart. In reality, this prayer invites the fallen angel, Isha, to open the heart chakra. Religious demons then enter into the person. This produces a false conversion. The person begins to worship the fake Jesus; the fallen angel known as Jesus Sananda Immanuel. The demons may produce feelings of love, peace, warmth, and joy to “sell” the false conversion as a genuine conversion. Later, these demons may begin to torment the person with condemnation, blasphemous thoughts, and fear.

The enemy is pushing the entire world into an altered state of consciousness because it is a critical part of his end-time agenda. The enemy’s intention is to deceive the world into believing that the Antichrist is God. He plans to achieve this by speaking the same thing into the minds of every person at the same time. This stunt will “prove” that the Antichrist has the qualities of God: all-powerful, all-knowing, and everywhere present. Of course, the Antichrist is
not God and can only be in one place at a time. Therefore, the enemy will have his many demons help him to pull this off.

But why is the altered state a critical part of this plan? Because the only way demons can enter into a person is through the altered state, or trance. Demons can speak thoughts into a person’s mind undetected once they live in their soul. Therefore, the enemy is training the entire world in the trance so that their souls will become infested with demons. He can then use these demons to speak the same thing into peoples’ minds at the same time. Thus, he can convince many that the Antichrist is God.

Knowing this, it becomes clear why the enemy is aggressively promoting the altered state in these last days. It is through the altered state that the enemy can enact his end-time deception. He is grooming people into the trance by any means necessary. It is no wonder that fornication, alcohol and drug use, meditation, yoga, and chanting (including in the institutional church) are normalized and seen as healthy in the world today.

All of these activities put a stop to rational thinking, induce a trance (which opens the chakras), and invite demons into the soul. Therefore, it is crucial that we deal with our ability to enter into the altered state so that we do not become fodder for Satan’s deception.

To learn more, get a copy of the book, The Church of the End-Time Zombies, written by Pastor Pam Sheppard; click the book image. To contact Exodus Internet Church, call 1-888-818-1117 or email

The Dangers of Nigerian Witchcraft

27 Mar

By Abbi

Nigerian witchcraft and it’s dangers is something my Nigerian family often mentioned to me. Growing up in America, I remember hearing about Nigerian witchcraft; there was so much that I didn’t understand, especially why it was so popular. Some of the things I saw were professing Christians practicing witchcraft type behaviors and seeing nothing wrong with it. I saw Nigerians blend witchcraft practices into their everyday lives. Eventually, those same patterns of occult witchcraft started to influence me, particularly when I was emotionally stressed. This led to turmoil and unhappiness in my life.

The Problems of Nigerian Witchcraft Are Commonly Known Among Nigerians

Many Nigerian families have had conversations about Nigerian witchcraft and it’s dangers. It is portrayed in Nigerian movies; whether as a parody or used as a life lesson warning about why it is so dangerous. I became used to hearing stories of disturbing or unusual potions put together to achieve some desired goal. The inevitable result was; tragedies happening to that person who started those potions and it was the talk of the town. Other Nigerian Americans I knew had similar experiences hearing these stories.

Nigerian witchcraft and it’s dangerous risks are still present despite the knowledge of it’s damaging effects. The love of money, fear, desperation, greed, pride, lust, and generational influences may drive witchcraft behavior. Generational influences that promote witchcraft as acceptable can be passed down. Parents can influence children to believe in witchcraft. The expectation and pressure to continue any cultural witchcraft can be strong.

Fear is an emotion that can lead people to witchcraft. This can grow to the point where the individual loses common sense judgment to make sound decisions. I believe that fear is important for everyone to address. It’s also key to identify what are your deep fears; this knowledge can reduce the risk of seeking witchcraft.

The Damaging Attacks and Control

Witchcraft can cause evil spirits to attack that individual who partakes in it, leading to emotional pain, mental aguish, and repetitive harmful choices in ones life. Demons and fallen angels coming in control of ones life can lead to spiritual torment; evil spirits will continue to fight your individuality, and they will work to try to destroy you in whatever way they think they can. The individual who partakes in witchcraft can be controlled in a way that they lose sight of who they are, and become bound to evil spirits, as if they are in prison. It is noteworthy to point out; since demons and fallen angels hate all humans, the end result is that those evil spirits will eventually turn on you.

I am happy that God saved and protected me from witchcraft. Amazingly, despite my unwise participation; he intervened. What’s even more wonderful is that; miraculously, God caused me to have an unforgettable salvation experience in Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Regardless of how long it took for me to realize that all forms of witchcraft and occultism is a recipe for disaster, it was a powerful lesson learned. I am grateful that God saved me from the dangers of witchcraft occult.

Resist Nigerian Witchcraft Practices

It’s important to take action against Nigerian witchcraft. Resisting it’s practices helps one break free from this evil. No matter how small the act is or how meaningless it may seem, these practices risk having a long lasting harmful presence in your life. It will grow into a burden of continuous darkness. I also believe that superstitious behaviors can influence a person to do witchcraft behaviors. This should be examined and addressed to see if it’s a problem that needs to be overturned in your life.

Nigerian witchcraft can begin at a young age. Parents can invoke fear to children that witchcraft is a last resort when things go wrong. This can continue on as an adult. When it comes to prayer, it can be used as a form of witchcraft; some are taught that this is acceptable. Those who do controlling prayers to cause harm to another person are doing a form of witchcraft.

Examine Yourself

Professing Christians who do witchcraft type behaviors likely do not realize they had a false born again experience. Deceiving spirits strongly influence these individuals. It’s up to the Holy Spirit to give that person a wake up call that it’s deceiving spirits who strongly influence these individuals. A professing Christian’s faith must be examined, especially if the individual finds that he or she is drawn to seducing spirits.

Spells, magic, curses lead to the dark world of evil and can ruin an individuals life. These acts attach the person to the evil spirit realm causing one to be the devils toy. Plus, it gives the enemy permission to control their life. The goal of evil spirits is to eventually destroy the individual in whatever way they can. Many are blind to the fact that evil spirits do not like humans at all. They may try to allude to trying to help the individual, but their ultimate goal is to try to take you down, no matter who you are.

Human Sinful Desires

People use Nigerian witchcraft to get something they want. The sinful nature of all humans are reasons that often lead one to Nigerian witchcraft and it’s dangers. Examples are that a person’s goal may be to steal from others or get rich quickly. Other times it could be to find love or lust. In Nigerian witchcraft, the practicing person, intends to cause harm to another. Nigerians grow up hearing stories about ghastly witchcraft outcomes. Time after time, the story ends with the person who did witchcraft, going through dangerous despair themselves as a result of the witchcraft practiced.

The many angles of Nigerian witchcraft can become filled with patterns of unrealism and thoughts. When a person becomes drawn by these thoughts, the individual becomes a captive to the idea of witchcraft. They let witchcraft take over their lives and cause fear in them. As a result, the aspects of witchcraft, controls their life. That individual must learn to remove the obsession and fear of witchcraft and renounce it.

The Importance of Rejecting Nigerian Witchcraft

I am glad to hear about Nigerians who want to stop the spread of Nigerian witchcraft and it’s dangers in Nigerian society. I urge Nigerians to continue to be alert and cautious to the many ways that witchcraft still exist. The controlling aspect of witchcraft often goes unnoticed, and it puts those who are easily influenced, at risk of being subjected to witchcraft personalities.

Despite generational impact that Nigerian witchcraft can have on a person, the good news is that one can rebuke those witchcraft influences! This is one of the most encouraging things that I learned when I came into Pam Sheppard Ministries; the truth strengthened me as I rid myself of occultist desires.

Nigerian witchcraft can lead to a road of spiritual torment, especially if the individual chooses to mix Christianity. Pam Sheppard Ministries is able to help with any sort of struggle like this.

Get Help So That You Can Overcome

Pastor Pam helped give me the strength to overcome witchcraft influences. She was formerly involved in the occult and became born again in Jesus Christ of Nazareth on March 29, 1977. She coached and counseled me so that I can recover from the aspects of witchcraft and many other spiritual problems. I also read her various meaty books. Those books gave me in depth insight about the deceptive witchcraft evil spirits, coming into individuals lives.

A helpful book to read is: The New Idolatry. This is a book that really helped me. For this book, click the book image below. To contact PSM, call 1-888-818-1117 or email

Saying No to Passivity Leads to the Path of Freedom

24 Feb

By Abbi

Get rid of passivity and be led to freedom

When it comes to deliverance, saying no to passivity leads to the path of freedom. Passivity refers to inactivity, particularly inactivity of who you are, your thoughts, decisions, and free will power. The topic of passivity is so important during these times for several reasons: one of them is that passivity is providing an invitation to evil spirits and as a result, there are people suffering. Fallen angels and demons are igniting spiritual battles. People all over the world are experiencing this.

Christians Influenced to Be Passive

The church system promotes that Christians should be passive in order to be blessed by God. Their teachings lead to heavy influences. This causes people to let go of their common sense thinking. Christian religious followers who believe in false doctrines, rely on a false god to make decisions for them. In addition, when the dark forces of evil spirits pretend to be of God, a professing Christian is at risk of accepting any messages that imposter sends to them.

When I was an avid churchgoer I thought I needed God to make basic, common sense decisions for me. I depended on God to decide almost everything for me. What words I should say, what choices I should make, what housing I should live in, and so on. The passivity continued spiritually when I would assume that all supernatural type experiences were from God. As a result, I without hesitation, listened to the messages. That turned out to be a disaster because those messages were not from God but from evil spirits pretending to be God.

Passivity Leads To Torment

The evil spirits weapon of choice used against me were futuristic dreams, visions and hearing of voices. This caused a lot of damage to a time in my life that I had to recover from by the grace of God’s help.

As I continued in a church system that never provided me the spiritual truth, depth, or meat I was looking for, I became lost in who I was. It took the grace of God and the help of the Holy Spirit to show me that I had a false salvation experience when I followed the alter call.

I realized that I was worshipping the fake Jesus. How did God reveal this to me? He led me to find Pastor Pam Sheppard, who had the knowledge to teach me that because I had been obeying a religious and witchcraft spirit, it had gained such access to my soul, and I provided them with fuel to continue to torment me. With her help, I learned about the tricks and deception that evil spirits were spreading in the church system and all over the world. Others were not able to teach me and help me like she did.

Darkness in the Church System

I realized that tricks of evil spirits where hidden within the church system and they even attempted to influence my family members. Fallen angels and demons can use people you know to influence you. If allowed, they can speak through to people at times. They often use those who are deceived about the manipulation that Satan is causing in the institutional church system.

Some religious believers professing to be Christian can unknowingly spread Satan’s agenda. As a result, it leads to spoken words that appear to be Godly, or prophetic but are false, psychic predictions. The devil spreads lies and tries to cause ruin in their targets life. The person who accepts these words without testing these words are an example of that individual being passive.

Unbeknownst to many, there is an enormous population that are worshipping a religious evil spirit. When this happens the enemy strikes and can cause spiritual manifestations. Manifestations like hearing voices, tormenting visions, spirit rape, demonic nightmares and even physical torment are just some examples.

The Invitation

Passivity invites evil spirits inside a person’s soul when they go into an altered state. Being in an altered state is a very specific form and doorway to passivity. In the religious church system, certain acts induce an altered state and a passive mind, and thus usher in the worship of a religious evil spirit. Holy dancing, being slain in the spirit are a few examples that happen in the institutional church system.

Those who engage in meditation, yoga, Buddhist, and Hindu practices may have heard about chakras. People are trying to open their chakras and channel Kundalini energy. This claims to enlighten the person. These acts are one of the popular forms of spiritual passivity happening in many parts of the world. People are also doing this in the United States, and it can be very dangerous! For more information about this topic, click here for this article. One of the big takeaways about the subject matter of passivity is that in order for demons to get into your soul, being in an altered state gives demons that doorway access.

Passivity can occur in all walks of life because the world has a tendency to say in various ways, that their ways are the best. In addition, there is a frequent push to promote that your free will common sense needs to be tossed aside. When one gets involved in the religious church system, the risk of being passive, becomes 10 fold.

Resist Passivity

When I continued counseling with Pastor Pam, I strengthened up my will power to be able to fight for myself in a healthy way. It was assertion that she helped me build up. Saying no to passivity leads to the path of freedom and I used my free will to resist the devil and all his tactics. Building up my free will led me down the road to recovery. I received freedom from the bombarding words of evil spirits speaking to me continuously.

When a psychic approached me after I had been in counseling with Pastor Pam, I ignored the psychics advances to try to give me a a psychic reading because I knew that by stopping to listen to that woman say words that supposedly predicted my future, it was an attempt of setting me up by witchcraft evil spirits. They attempted to manipulate me by trying to get me to listen to their words for a long time, and cause danger. See scriptures on the dangers of fortune tellers and psychics ( Deuteronomy 18:9-12; Leviticus 19-31; 1 Chronicles 10:13-14: Isaiah 8:19, 2 Chronicles 33:6)

I shed that religious expectation that I needed to be passive at all times. Importantly I got rid of that religious thinking that I had to accept every religious prediction, religious prayer, and “special message.” That sort of teaching promotes one to accept every word of faith doctrine, laying of hands, “thus sayeth the Lord” message. When your safety is in jeopardy, it’s important to think about your safety and be careful not to agree to what is malicious.

Breaking Free From Passivity

Your talents and personality that make you different than others, become preserved when you continue to break free from passivity. One must be aware to the wiles of the enemy in all systems, including the institutional church system, so that you do not fall prey to demonic and fallen angel spirits that try to ensnare you by getting you to worship them.

My pastor, Pam Sheppard, continued to mentor me and my passivity lessened. The religious have tried to influence me. Some tried to put strange ideas in my head that did not originate from me. When this happened, I would stand my ground. I encountered pushy people at work, and some random strangers. It started to become easy to say “No that is not what I believe, No this is not what I want.” The devil has tried it’s different methods to use people to try to influence me in ways that would be harmful to my well being, however, saying no to passivity leads to the path of freedom. Not being passive was the key to my strength in this arena

The Importance of Your Will Power

After I left the institutional church system, tormenting religious evil spirits started to lessen. Evil spirits will try to send messages to you, so the will power must be utilized at all times. The goal is for your mind to resist and block away any of these messages and prevent you from being under demonic control. Your will power is essential to getting you down the road to recovery. It is one of the biggest components to deliverance.

Evil spirits will take advantage of those who are both passive in the natural and spiritually passive. Getting rid of passivity is the armor that you will need to break free from the bondage of captivity by evil spirits. Learning to stop being passive can take time and you may likely need help with this. You can receive help from PSM. We offer coaching, counseling and mentorship to help you with any spiritual battles you may be experiencing. You can also get the help that you need by reading books by Pastor Pam. In particular the book: The Church of the End time Zombies, is a great resource for you when it comes to learning about passivity and getting led down to the path of freedom.

Click the Image Below for: The Church of The End-Time Zombies

Translated From Darkness to Light

1 Jan

Posted by gailatrescue

In Christ there is freedom

It will now be six and a half years ago, before I came to find Pam Sheppard Ministries. At that time, I was hearing voices 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It all started gradually when they would say one word every 5 to 10 minutes. They would say things like “leave”. Later on, it gradually turned into constant, long running words telling me to do things and talking about Jesus.

The voices grew stronger after I visited a psychic, who claimed that she could help me. The voices started telling me to leave my job and not to go back into that building. One day, I obeyed those evil spirits and I left my job. That was a big mistake. As soon as I obeyed them, I gave them authority and control over me, and with that, those evil spirits continued a 24/7 harassment, while not giving me any breaks or pauses.

Then I discovered an article online written by Pastor Pam Sheppard. I called her and when we spoke about my situation, she had knowledge about this subject and understood what was happening to me. One of the ways her knowledge was evident was when she made it clear that me obeying those spirits was the absolute wrong thing to do. She discerned fear coming from me and she also knew that I was not really born again, even though I thought I was.

Eventually, Pastor Pam started counseling me and I watched many of her videos, read her articles, and read her books. One of the many great things that counseling with Pastor Pam did was help me take back my free will. Like she says in the video below, we worked and worked and worked until I took back my God given free will!!! I am holding it dear to me.

After being in counseling and mentoring with Pastor Pam for over 5 years I have progressed tremendously. The voices dramatically decreased to the point where I would go days without hearing from them. To me that is a true miracle. I have found multiple jobs and have been able to work in different areas that I felt was a better fit for me, compared to before where I was living in fear about being unemployed and unsure of when I would ever receive another pay check again.

Years ago as a teenager I “accepted Jesus”, when prompted by the preacher to walk down the aisle and do such a thing. Yet looking back I realized I “accepted Jesus” out of pressure and fear to do what was expected of me. I followed a projected promise that suggested I would be saved just by accepting him.

Yet when those evil spirits came to harass me my prayers, church attendance, and reading the Bible only made the voices come stronger and led to an increasing mention about what “Jesus” thinks I should do.

 During the time of hearing voices constantly, they would often speak about Jesus. Something did not seem right. Everything they wanted me to do was not fruitful and did not help me in my life whatsoever. Instead, anything I listened to them about put me in danger.

After being in counseling with Pastor Pam she taught me that I had a false conversion. Once I found out about the false conversion I had, I realized that I was right to be suspicious of the worship and religious practices I was getting myself involved in. I finally started to realize that I was worshipping the fake Jesus and praying to him. When I found that out, I immediately stopped worshipping the fake Jesus and removed myself out of religious behaviors that were deeply rooted in my life.

One of the ways I advanced against those evil spirits harassing me was when I renounced the false conversion I had. Not too long after that I no longer heard voices in my head saying “Jesus thinks this”, “Jesus thinks that”. Still, I wanted those evil spirits to leave me alone and not talk to me about anything at all because they were still commenting about everything I was doing. Thankfully, eventually I went from hearing voices constantly and consistently to then having significant and dramatic reduction as I continued being counseled and mentored by Pastor Pam. I was feeling relieved and grateful for this.

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From darkness to light by the grace of true salvation

As far as true salvation, I learned from Pastor Pam about waiting on God’s call to cause my salvation. Besides, there was plenty of work I needed to do on my soul due to all the years since childhood of damage, pain, insecurity, and worries lodged deep inside me.

Once a week for 5 years, I had counseling sessions with Pastor Pam. I adored and enjoyed her company whether on the phone or in person. I attribute much of my improvements to her patience, wisdom, motivation, and support. I developed a closeness to her that meant a lot to me.

As I peeled off my passive nature that I have had for years, I discovered the real me was a risk taker at times and not a follower. Raised in California, I decided to make a change and move over to the East Coast, to New York Upstate and live near Pastor Pam. It didn’t matter what anyone thought about that decision or what was thought of as popular. All that mattered was that I did what was best for me.

Yet, throughout those five years, Pastor Pam noticed that though I had made so much progress, and was a big part of her Ministerial team, dutifully helping, and seeking to continue to help, presenting at her Bible studies and so on, but why was I not born again yet? In fact, there would be moments at a Bible study session where I would start sobbing as scripture was read, but it did not transition into a salvation experience. This happened multiple times.

Nevertheless, Pastor Pam continued with her mentorship and counseling with me. I remained a loyal member in her Ministry, helping her as she gave me assignments that she believed I was capable of doing.

Then Pastor Pam had her annual workshop from Friday July 19th to Sunday July 21st. I was a part of the Pam Sheppard Ministries (PSM) committee that would prepare for the workshop and reserve the location of where the workshop would be held. It turns out that the location that Pam Sheppard Ministries was supposed to have the workshop in, was only going to be available on Friday July 19th and we had to make arrangements to find another location for Saturday and Sunday.

Thankfully we found another good location, and were able to reserve a nice space to accommodate the workshop. The new location happened to be the same complex that Pastor Pam got born again. Many years ago she used that same room to hold church services in the big room where our PSM workshop would be held.

The first day of the workshop went well. We were introduced to a young innovative newcomer, Evan, who just a few months before, became born again after reading one of Pastor Pam’s books and watching a series of her videos. We enjoyed Chinese food and gathered around as we shared the different ideas we had for the Ministry.

The next day on Saturday, Pastor Pam preached a powerful sermon as she included the emphasis and amplification about the resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. In addition to the many important topics we discussed, Pastor Pam went around the room asking who felt they needed deliverance. Those who needed prayer and assistance with deliverance were helped that day by Pastor Pam. She spoke to me as well about my need for deliverance. I knew I was still battling with evil spirits who were trying to discourage and distract me.

Later that day the attendees enjoyed a hearty meal at a popular restaurant. I had no idea what was to come the next day.

Yet something was bothering me that Saturday night when I came home to my apartment after that dinner. It was the devil that was bothering me. That evening, an evil spirit spoke through me and laughed mockingly. That night, evil spirits were present with back and forth talk, with the intent to frustrate, place fear, and unrest in me. I called Pastor Pam that night and told her what was going on. She prayed for me. I was glad that she prayed for me and then I went to bed. Yet I had a semi restless night, unable to find peace nor sustained rest while in my own bed. Finally I got some rest and woke up the next morning to get ready for the last day of the workshop with Pam Sheppard Ministries.

On the morning of the last day of PSM’s workshop, while in my apartment, there was a pressure that I felt on my body as I was getting ready for the workshop. Again, those evil spirits were more noticeable than usual, whispering strange words to me, as I was preparing to leave my apartment. When I closed that apartment door to head to my car, that pressure that I felt suddenly began to go away and there was no longer harassment from those evil spirits.

I picked up some fellow members and drove them to our reserved workshop location. We all settled in our same seats from the day before. Evan read scripture from the Bible describing God’s people.

After this scripture was read, Pastor Pam brought this question up to everyone in the workshop: “are you God’s people?” If so, why?” We all went around in a circle to answer this question. When it came to be my turn, I answered: “yes I am God’s people”, and then surprisingly I began to cry. At that time as I was speaking, I had enough. I had enough of the devils antics. I was tired of the enemy finding different ways to bother me. All of the worries in my mind, troubles and fears, at that moment, suddenly I knew that it didn’t matter. I said: “I’m tired of the devils attampts to prevent me from doing what God wants me to do!!! These distractions are not what’s important!” I yelled out: “it’s about Jesus. It’s about Christ!!” As I was talking, Pastor Pam said: “are you born again?” I said to her, I’m just talking. And the attendees laughed. I was letting out my feelings and expressing what I was going through.

At that moment I knew that my wordly worries needed to be pushed aside.

Pastor Pamela Sheppard heard me mention Jesus and she was like a seasoned midwife in addition to a warrior. She got up out of her chair, saw that I was sobbing and talking about Jesus. Which is a noteworthy observation because ever since I renounced my false conversion, I rarely mentioned Jesus’s name for about 5 years. Instead, our counseling sessions often focused on the strongholds that the world had over me.

Back to that moment on July 19th, 2020. Pastor Pam suddenly yelled out “repent!” I replied with: “I can’t.” Pamela Sheppard said is that the devil? And she boldly told the devil to leave. Next, I sobbed, crying, with sorrow, shouting that I sinned over and over again. She then asked me who is your Lord? I had no idea what I was going to say. All of a sudden I blurted “Jesus!!!!!!!!!” “It’s Jesus!!!!!” “It’s Jesus!!!!!!” I heard my own voice, louder than it has ever been in my life talking about Jesus. My voice was roaring loud, filling the entire room. Oh my goodness and after that I was convicted. I was like a screaming, crying baby that was just being born. Faith had just been given to me about Jesus and I had no idea it was going to be given to me at that moment. The Holy Spirit convicted me in such an unforgettable way.

Me, a person who focused so much on what the world thinks was being humbled and broken down by God. How I appeared didn’t matter. All that mattered was what the Holy Spirit was drawing me to and that was the focus of Jesus. I kept saying the name Jesus. As I continued to say his name, I started to realize, Oh my, he actually did come back alive. Truly alive, not in Spirit but physically. It was something that deep down I always thought was impossible and now I believed it.

What was happening was me having a shocking discovery and revelation of this unforgettable miracle of the resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. What the gospel said was true. It was actually true. I screeched in absolute shock and amazement, with my mouth wide open, walking to one corner of the room, sliding down to the floor, as if no one was in that room. I covered my mouth with amazement. Then I yelled out with a combination of tears, awe, and astonishment, saying out loud over and over, “Oh My God, Jesus is actually alive.”

Then suddenly confidence came to me. A confidence I had never ever felt in my entire life. I felt strong and as if I was a new person. A new person who was no longer bound and restrained. I next walked around the room, celebrating the resurrection of the Lord. All the attendees clapped and cheered for me as this was all happening.

July 21st, 2019 at 12 pm was when my day arrived and I got born again.

God gave me a true salvation experience which was truly supernatural and absolutely not of my own doing. I had no idea I would become born again the day that I did. I was not expecting it. I was GIVEN faith by the grace of God to believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Now today I know that I am a new creation in Christ. His grace of everything he has done and the power that is Him with the faith given to me that He defeated death has been a resounding and continuing impact on me.

The next morning while I was in my own apartment, I walked past my bathroom mirror, took a quick glance and felt that there was something different about how I looked. I first shrugged it off and said, hmmpf maybe it’s nothing. But yet I couldn’t shake off that change I saw. I slowly went to the mirror and looked at my face. I couldn’t believe it but I was right, my face looked different. Relaxed. Happy and no longer tense or rigid. Now there was a look of happiness and excitement. When I smiled, it came naturally and felt so good to smile.

The next day that Pastor Pam saw me she said that I used to have a perpetual look of worry on my forehead and it was now gone. I was shocked that she noticed it too, as I thought that no one else would notice what I saw in the mirror that morning. I would come to find out that other members of the Ministry noticed this change as well.

As for those voices, even before I got born again, they significantly reduced. I have not heard from them 24/7 as I kept continuing my deliverance counseling sessions with Pastor Pam once a week without ever missing a day for 5 years. Since my rebirth less than 2 months ago, I observed even more change and improvement in that aspect. My salvation experience is so unforgettable, that it is my weapon and shield against them. The peace that I have is wonderfully more consistent than before I got born again and the voices from evil spirits continue to dramatically decrease more and more than before. Each week, I notice even more improvement against them, in that their presence has and continues to diminish and be rare.

And now, in 2021, I continue to be strengthened by the Holy Spirit that stays in me. My soul continues to strengthen, as God and the Holy Spirit use the lessons of life to heal me, and provide me with continued growth and empowerment.

Am I Truly Born Again? – Already Not Yet

Today in 2021 I am maturing in Christ! The peace that I felt the moment I got born again: remains. No matter what I go through, the fruits of the Spirit are my backing, my encouragement. The devil has tried in ulterior ways to distract me, deter me, and discourage me, yet his attempts are just that: attempts. The weapons of Christ’s salvation and overwhelming characteristics of truth always pull me out of whatever attacks the devil has tried.

Since being born again, I have noticed some changes that I didn’t pick up before. I used to get these dreams that would lead me to feel noticeably numb in my body and they seemed so real, and left me with fear during the dream and would linger after waking up. Yet now, I no longer have those dreams.

My desire to alert the elect of God continues. I think about those who are waiting for their time, but just need to be pulled out of the darkness they are in.

Though 2020 has been a challenging year for all, by the grace of God he has repeatedly provided me with wonderful employment opportunities, protection, happiness, and new beginnings. I appreciate the quietness in my mind, which is a lesson for me. You see, many years ago, way before I found Pam Sheppard Ministries, I made several invitations in my life to evil spirits looking for them to “help” me with my problems. As a result, the aforementioned voices from evil spirits came. Now, since I have overcome all of that, as a born again person, I am happy to have the freedom that I have. I enjoy the removal of bondage from religious, worldly, and witchcraft evil spirits.

Hope is a foundation that stays in me. Hope is instilled in me of Christ’s love, and Christ’s power. I am more confident not because of me but because of confidence given to me by Christ. As far as those voices, there is even more freedom from them than when I first got born again. The reduction from their presence continues. I have come a long way when it comes to those voices. The burdened bondage that I felt has been removed, by the grace of Christ. The voices continue to reduce, and there continues to be a dramatic change for the better in regards to that. In that aspect, the improvement always gets better week by week.

Was waiting 5 years for me to get born again worth it? It definitely was. Why? Because while waiting, my soul was being healed in much needed ways. Receiving help from Pam Sheppard Ministries gave me a healthy advantage as I was going about my life. I was safely altering and adjusting my life decisions based on what I knew about Satan’s deception tactics. God has blessed me with the truth as I learned of all the enemy’s deception. I am continually grateful for that. In the midst of waiting for my salvation experience, the progress I made was a sweet gift to have. Like the first bite into your favorite fruit you’ve been longing for, that sweetness of truth is refreshing. Throughout my waiting period, I did not waver but remained steadfast. I continued to learn from Pastor Pam as I had weekly deliverance counseling sessions. Learning that salvation is not of my own doing but a gift from God, helped me during my waiting time. I know that God intended to cause me to eventually enter His family.

The new creation that salvation in Jesus Christ has given to me is extremely fulfilling, rewarding, and sustains me. The grace of salvation by Christ is everlasting and irreplaceable of anything the world offers. The peace the Lord has given to me , I am thankful for it and will always be thankful for it. The Lord has taken me out of Satan’s dark world and into his light of truth.

Pam Sheppard Ministries is THE place to be if you are lost and in the dark. The answers you have been looking for are right here. There are people who have been struggling with torment of all sorts whether by demons, fallen angels, or the family members and friends the enemy is using against them. Call 1-888-818-1117 if you would like to know more about Pam Sheppard Ministries and what help you can be offered.

How to Pray: Exposing Common Misconceptions

4 Jan

Most people don’t realize there is lack of knowledge when it comes to how to pray. Many assume that we need to tell God how he must handle our lives and the lives of others. This often leads to controlling, witchcraft like prayers that only do more harm than good. The underlying problem, first of all, that is causing people to have problems on knowing how to pray according to God’s accord, is that there are countless, untold masses that have had false conversions.

Before, establishing faithful prayer with God, those who have had a false conversion must realize they had one, renounce it, and overturn it.

The false conversion was started by a preacher named Charles Finney who in the 1830’s, introduced the I accept Jesus practice. Before the persuasion to “accept Jesus” took over, the gospel of Jesus was focused on and there was knowledge that salvation is given to us by God not of ourselves.

A historic document was prepared in 1689 called the Second London Baptist Confession, and was written by Particular Baptists, who held to a Calvinistic Soteriology in England to give a formal expression of their Christian faith from a Baptist perspective. This confession, like the Westminster Confession of Faith (1646) and the Savoy Declaration (1658), was written by Puritans who were concerned that their particular church organisation reflect what they perceived to be Biblical teaching. Because it was adopted by the Philadelphia Association of Baptist Churches in the 18th century, it is also known as the Philadelphia Confession of Faith. The confession was first published in London in 1677 under the title “A confession of Faith put forth by the Elders and Brethren of many Congregations of Christians, Baptized upon Profession of their Faith in London and the Country.

This document highlights man, by his fall into a state of sin, has completely lost all ability of will to perform any of the spiritual good which accompanies salvation. In short, the document shows that man is not reliable enough to choose God because his free will is too corrupt. So clearly, the Holy Spirit was in the church, prior to Charles Finney and the sinner’s prayer treachery.

So when you accept Jesus, what is happening is many are worshiping a fallen angel religious evil spirit, pretending to be Jesus and that fallen angel is interepting their prayers. This leads people to be led astray when it comes to how to pray. The devil is confusing them, keeping them in darkness, and preventing them from praying with faith in God instead of fear. There is also the tendency to pray according to what one wants to satisfy their own flesh, wants, and needs, oftentimes these needs are entirely selfish and is not in line with what God has in store for them.

Want to pray to God in a way where you are able to be led in truth and down his path? When you pray, ask the Lord to expose the darkness surrounding you. You may be surprised what God reveals to you, as many who have done this have been shown just how much darkness and deception Satan has kept them in bondage to. He may also reveal what you are doing to repeatedly keep yourself in the dark and allow yourself to be easy prey to the devils schemes and deception.

Whether born again or not, you can learn a lot about God when you pray, yet praying according to God’s will is important. For the born again Christian, prayer is a special way to communicate with God and continue to build in your understanding of his ways so that you may better serve him but it is crucial to find out if you mistakenly are worshiping the fake Jesus.

During salvation, God comes to you, he calls you in his due time, he will show you your true wicked ways, when he is ready, and the Holy Spirit will lead you to repent. The key thing to understand is that God and the Holy Spirit shows this to you. Yes mans free will is granted and one of the multitudes of gifts from God, but when it comes to the grace of salvation from the life, death, and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, this gift is a supernatural experience, a gift entirely given by God; it is not of our own doing but God and the Holy Spirit leads us to salvation. He gives us the faith to believe in the death and ressurection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Such confusion about how to pray often has to do with folks underestimating God’s wisdom and fear often intertwines among this thinking. We then often think we must tell God what he must do for us in order to fix everything, leading us down the wrong path when it comes to how to pray. Often times when trouble arises in life, fear sets in, all common sense goes out the window, and leads to frantic prayers that may draw more fear, misunderstanding to your life.

Prayer IS a valuable form of communication with God, but it is essential to be conscious of whether we are going about it the wrong way. So let us consider wisdom when we come to terms of whether we even need to pray or not.

Many fail to understand that part of wisdom is being careful, observant, and knowing when to speak and when to listen (Proverbs 29: 3-11). An example that you may have already received God’s wisdom, would be, God revealing to you that you have put yourself under bondage to the devil by doing witchcraft, occult practices ( yoga, visiting psychic mediums, meditation, reading tarot cards, ) and yet still professing to be a Chriatian, as a result this is the reason you are battling with demons.

For help on how to pray, focus on exposure of what is hidden and what is God’s will, what does he intend for you. If you realize you where worshipping the fake Jesus and still struggling with ritualistic prayer, try letting go of expectating your every need and desire to be granted to you. Recognize that God does not grant us our every wish. Sometimes what we think is best for us, God may not think the same. Take hold of your God given common sense as your guide when you are making decisions, even difficult ones; when they are difficult remove your emotional hang ups and try to decide with logic, reasoning, and rational thought: and when you do this you may find that you may not need to pray. Allow yourself to be rid of a false conversion and worshipping the fake Jesus, so that one day God will birth you in his due time to be a new creature in Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Then, enjoy prayer with an established faith and foundation with God.

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The Fake Jesus is an excellent resource and may answer many more questions you may have; click on the book title link.

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Pam Sheppard Ministries: Breaking Free of Bondage and Staying Free

5 May

Pam Sheppard Ministries (PSM) Works To Help You Get Rid of Bondage and Break Free From the Shackles! There is Freedom in Christ!

The devil will find all sorts of ways to put you in bondage and try to keep you there. He can bring torment to you and harass you in all sorts of ways (for example, dreams, visions, and hearing voices.) Fallen angels and demons can use other people to make you feel bad just for being who you are. People whether strangers or ones that know you, can have all kinds of expectations of how you should act, talk, what you should wear, and how you should eat, just to name a few of the thousands of other things people can pick on about you. It can get so bad that one gets afraid to be themselves for fear of being not accepted, treated poorly, or made fun of in a cruel way.

People from anywhere can do this to you – the church world or those who practice occult, and the same things happen: if you don’t fit into their little box of how you should be, some will be displeased and let you know it.

Well Pam Sheppard Ministries has good news: we have the tools to help you break free if you are in bondage. No matter what expectactions people have of you, you have the freedom to be you.

Most people have been so conditioned to live a bondaged life, they forget who they are. Re-learning who you are and what you are about may likely have to happen and Pastor Pam’s Ministries can help with this.

We are all about revealing the unfiltered truth about Christ and there is freedom in Christ!

As you strip away and detox from religion, you become free to be you. When the Holy Spirit draws you to be born again in Jesus Christ of Nazareth, you will experience freedom in Christ. Old things will have passed away, and all things become new. A true born again person abides in Christ and doesn’t let the ways of the world stop them from sticking to their beliefs and being strong in who they are. Christ remains at their center.

Discovering Pam Sheppard Ministries and sticking to the truth is such a benefit and has been a big one for myself personally. When you receive the truth and apply it to your life, you start to discover freedom in your life in many ways.

Watch the video above about this topic by Pastor Pam.

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For more information about this topic and much more, the book The Church of the Endtime Zombies, is written by Pastor Pam, and can be found by clicking on the book cover below.

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There Are No Failures With the Lord.

7 Apr


By Pam Sheppard

success and failure3

Those who call me for Christian counseling have the same refrain.  “I have not met my goals, I should have a better job, a larger home, everything I put my hands to fails, I have no abundance, no prosperity and I have not fulfilled my destiny.”

What is happening is that people who profess to be in Christ have not yet come out of the world in their thinking, as their yardstick for success is tied to worldly standards and assessments.  I have observed that too much attention is being focused on comparing oneself with the lives of others, which in itself is a worldly practice.

Coming out of the world in our minds and hearts is contigent upon living a crucified life. that is that we become trained, habituated in fact, to walk in the spirit and not fulfill the lusts of our flesh…

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The Misunderstanding of Fasting

27 Mar


I have seen so many times, a professing Christian who is fasting boast and loudly let it be known that they are fasting and it becomes a fanfare.

Growing up religious, I definately was accustomed to church attendees popular habits, practices, and teachings. Fasting was one of those practices that I saw people of all denominations and many religions do depending on the time of the year, an occasion, a holiday, or a personal reason. Eventually fasting surrounded me so much that I decided to do a fast too. Afterall, from what I saw fasting became a “c’mon everyone join in everyone is doing it!” Well, let me tell you it was not easy at all. I badly struggled with it.

What I noticed about people who fasted was that often they did it to get a prayer answered, wanted to be drawn closer to God, or it was a habitual event that they got so used to doing most of their life.

Living in this age of deception, Pam Sheppard Ministries is helping the blinders come off those who have been blinded by deception from the devil, who has snuck in and infiltrated the organized church system, and the Christian world at large.

As Pam Sheppard Ministries continues to receive contact from people all over the world seeking freedom of some sort from bondage most often by the devil, the Holy Spirit has revealed that professing Christians proclaiming to be saved in the name of Jesus have actually had a counterfeit birth, also known as a false conversion.

Fasting is often misunderstood and mis-applied. The first thing that should be done before anyone starts thinking about fasting is to examine their faith to see if they really had a true born again experience. If you’re not truly born again the real deal is that life is about fullfiling the flesh until the Holy Spirit draws you to repentance of your sins, then the Holy Spirit draws you to the cross, and absolutely draws you to the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Yet the common problem is that many don’t realize faith is given to us by God to believe in all of this and as a result countless false doctrines are passed around in the organized church system. What is happening is that people are easily responding to altar calls around the world to “accept Jesus”.

When truly born again in Jesus Christ of Nazareth you do not live according to the flesh but according to the Spirit. Romans 8: 1-7. So next ask yourself, are you fasting to fulfill your flesh?


Those who have had a false conversion are often misunderstanding fasting and it’s purpose.

First of all many don’t realize that either God is the reason you are fasting or it is not God at all.

Moreover, if your reason to fast has nothing to do with God it draws the devil to you. We know this by Matthew 4:1-11. In this scripture, Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights. It was after the fast was over that Jesus became hungry. In the beginning of this scripture, it is mentioned that Jesus was led into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit to be tempted by the devil and he fasted before Satan came to him.

Satan feverntly tried numerous ways to tempt Jesus during this time. He tried to bring forth pride, idolatry, and sin to Jesus just to name a few of the many treacherous tricks Satan was trying to do to him at that time.

Most historical Christian practices have been twisted and fasting is a part of that list. Jesus pointed out that fasting is not about making you look righteous, for undoubtedly the unrighteous are fasting, disguising their hypocrisy. Instead Jesus said when you fast put oil on your head and wash your face so that it will not be obvious to others you are fasting but only to your Father, who is unseen. Matthew 6: 16-18.

Fasting is not about tradition, religion, or just trying to fulfill our desires, it is instead about fulfilling God’s purpose. Often times we don’t know what that purpose is until days, months, or years pass.

Furthermore, there are untold millions if not, billions that are unknowingly at enmity with God but claiming to be a professing Christian and doing religious practices like fasting. What happens is many end up unknowingly worshipping the fake Jesus and draw the devil to them instead. This religous evil spirit twists, hides, all the while he is scheming, manipulating, and doing all the things he can to try to take you down.


Pastor Pam of Pam Sheppard Ministries, discussed during a Bible Study, that she didn’t realize she was fasting. She would start eating at 8pm every day and would sometimes snack a few hours later. The next time she would eat would be at 8 pm the next day, making this at least 21 hours of fasting.

Pam didn’t put herself on this fast. It just happened. Did she know why she was fasting? No. But she revealed that she has energy and she’s not losing abnormal amounts of weight. She further said that if she did end up eating at 2 pm she may actually feel sluggish.

With Pastor Pam’s unexpected fast she shared that she’s not making a big deal about it, she’s sleeping peaceful, and God knows the reason why she has been fasting, but at the moment, she has not been shown what it is.

When the Lord was fasting he wasn’t losing excessive amount of weight and when his fast was over, then he was hungry.

From the words of Pam Sheppard, when a fast from God is over THEN you get hungry. However, if you are struggling with the fast then God didn’t give it to you and that’s why it’s burdensome! You’re not getting help. When you are fasting and have the help from the Lord: it should be easy. That’s why his yoke is light and his burden is light. Matthew 11:29-30.

So a warning to all who are professing Christians yet have not examined yourself to see whether you are in the faith. 2 Corinthians 13:5. Be careful when it comes to fasting. Pastor Pam warned this during Bible study, don’t go on a fast until God put you there.

If you would like to learn how to examine your faith, I recommend the course False Conversions and the book The Church of the Endtime Zombies, to follow along with it.

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The Reality of a Babe in Christ

17 Mar

I recall Pastor Pam, of Pam Sheppard Ministries, saying that there is spiritual deception that can become a threat to a babe in Christ.

First of all, to become a babe in Christ, you will need to have a genuine born again experience, and not a false conversion.  If you have attended church all your life and proclaim yourself to be a Christian but you followed the easy believism that is being influenced around the world, or the “I accept Jesus” practice, consider that there is a big chance a genuine born again experience did not occur.

Pam Sheppard Ministries has a wealth of information on how to overturn a counterfeit birth experience. For a true salvation experience to happen, hearing the gospel properly is a must, as well as waiting for God’s call, and understanding the 3 R’s: Repentance, Rebirth and Resurrection.

In John 3: 1-8; Jesus is talking to Nicodemus about being born again in order to enter the Kingdom of God. Many times in scripture there is talk about birth, being born again, being children, being infants and babes. When you become truly born again in Jesus Christ of Nazareth, you are a babe in Christ. Paul says this in 1 Corinthians 3: 1-3.

From the video above Pastor Pam Sheppard says:

When you’re a babe, you are being modeled after Christ, even though you are an adult.

Babes in Christ need spiritual nurturing, and a born again babe can be deceived. I was sent 3 dreams that sent me to a pastor and a church. Later I find out those dreams were from the enemy. Looking back, it was a dangerous place and Satan had a seat there. Everbody was sinning over and over again. The pastor I was led to was a closet homosexual and a strong practioner in witchcraft. Common sense told me to run, but I thought, they know more about this stuff than me, even though the Holy Spirit taught me different things, they know God more and better than me . But they didn’t. It was a sinful, deceived, and dangerous place. The church was in such evil hands. When I went back, a minister tried to seduce me. But I overcame all that.

Satan wants to deceive a babe in Christ. As soon as you become a babe, his goal is to take you down. Babes can become childlike and can lose their common sense. Before being a babe in Christ, I was a rough and tough atheist. I became childlike in a lot of ways when I was hardly childlike in those 33 years before becoming born again.”

Yet God was with Pastor Pam, protecting her all the time she was in the church.

Pastor Pam Sheppard said during a Bible Study:

The intent with Satan is to cause you to not be fruitful. His goal was to cause me to lose my salvation. The devil wanted to take me to a place where I would say:  I don’t believe in this anymore. The enemy comes with so many attacks. One of the things about maturing is recognizing the devils hands in innocent looking things.

As a babe, the church was used as a way try to take me down. I was a babe that had to grow up with the help of the Holy Ghost. Every human being needs a parent in the natural. We all need a parent in the spiritual too, but we sometimes don’t get it. I was an orphan. I am mature, but still growing.

During that Bible Study, Pastor Pam shared about a woman named Mother Britton:

Mother Britton first joined the church at the age of 65 years old. Nevertheless, she became the most committed, faithful church member. Over the decades, she attended every bible study and from time to time, i was one of her teachers. One day, I visited mother Britton in a nursing home when she was 103 years old. To my amazement. I uncovered that in spite of 40 years of faithful attendance in both Sunday School and bible study, Mother Britton did not UNDERSTAND THE RESURRECTION. It was June 25, 2004, that spending the day with her, I explained the resurrection to her and the Holy Spirit immediately caused her to be born again. Mother Britton, now a babe in Christ, died before she became 104.

In addition, in her video, When Divorce Is a Blessing to a Christian, Pastor Pam warns that babes in Christ must be careful choosing a mate:

When a babe, you can become very foolish and lose your common sense; in all things particularly in choosing a man or woman. Because now you want a Christian man or woman. As long as he or she says ‘I am born again, I believe on Jesus’, you take his or her word for it and assume that’s true. Whether you are in ministry or not, the enemy’s strategy is try to hook you up with the wrong person for life.

Babes in Christ need to know when to flee and avoid using the Bible against themselves, the wrong understanding of various scriptures, the enemy will use to keep them in bondage and captivity. Babes in bondage should realize that when Christ went to the cross to set us free, they are free indeed. A newborn Christian should be enlightened and strengthened not to allow a child, husband, mother, father, to put them in bondage when Christ died and was raised to get them free.

For information about the difference between a true salvation compared to a counterfeit birth, Pam Sheppard Ministries has a course called Understanding Salvation and can be found by clicking on the course link.

To follow along with this course, the book the Church of the Endtime Zombies is available by clicking on the image below.


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Are You Praying To and Under the Power of the Devil?

16 Mar



People who are comfortable and satisfied with their spirituality and their churchgoing experiences do not contact me. No problem. To each his own is MY motto. On the contrary, I hear from the confused, frustrated ones who realize something is wrong with both their spiritual life and their church, but they have difficulty in putting their finger on the problem.

Most people who call me think that I operate as a  prayer line.  Prayer is certainly an important  part of what I do.  However, the only prayer I offer for someone that I do not know is “Lord, expose the darkness to this person and if this person continues in telephone coaching  with me, then give me wisdom and revelation as to how to pray for this person.”  Help me to know this person’s heart so that I can pray YOUR perfect will for him or her.”

Prayer is…

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