Some History Behind the ‘I Accept Jesus’ Gospel and Altar Call

11 Jun

This is an original post by Pam Sheppard regarding the origins of what is known as easy believism and the I accept Jesus practice. It is only about 200 years old:

“With the rise of the Roman Emperor, Constantine, the organized church was established in 313 AD with the compromising church at Pergamos, which eventually became the Catholic Church. History revealed that the churches at Thyatira and Sardis are two phases of Catholic Domination that spans several centuries until Martin Luther and the Protestant
Reformation of the 1500′s. Protestantism was the Lord’s favored church, from 1500 to 1900. He called her the church at Philadelphia. Pentecostalism and the new age influence of mega ministries caused Protestantism to become as corrupt as the Catholic Church.

The age of Laodicea is the 7th and LAST church age I believe to be the one we are now living in.

It consists of an idolatrous, charismatic witchcraft Catholic AND Protestant church including almost 1000 cults. While the Catholics have perverted the gospel of Jesus Christ with the deification of Mary and the worship of various saints, Protestantism is equally perverse. By studying church history, it became clear to me that the 7th and last age of Laodicea is a fulfillment of the Apostle’s Paul’s predictions that in the last days, there would be a great “falling away.” Paul warned the Galatians that all who add to or detract from the gospel of Jesus Christ would be cursed. He also warned that some would depart from the faith because they listened to seducing spirits teach doctrines of devils. I didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to discern that there are far too many doctrines of devils for me to even try to count today.

However, the two most powerful ones—more powerful than the prosperity gospel–is the easy believism or the “I accept Jesus into my heart” gospel.

The “I accept Jesus” practice was first started by Charles Finney. Born in 1792, Finney is a hero of Billy Graham and many other well-known evangelists of today. In no uncertain terms, Finney preached that man can save himself by making a conscious decision to simply “cooperate with God.” Therefore, Finney is the founding father of practically ALL of Protestantism, both traditional and emergent churches, denominational and charismatic churches who all teach an “I accept Jesus” gospel.

I read somewhere that Finney was also a freemason but I have to check that out.

Jesus said that you know a thing by its roots and its fruit. A good tree does not bear evil fruit nor does a bad tree bear good fruit. Check out Charles Finney. Does he look like a good tree to you?”

In several of her books, Pam goes into detail about the I accept Jesus Gospel and the altar call. If you are interested in learning more about the TRUTH behind the organized church and its damaging practices, you can check out her books at

These books are based on a great deal research and REAL cases of church-going believers who have been in SERIOUS demonic torment due to religious practices that have nothing to do with God. If you want answers, read the books. The information will be eye-opening, will answer many of your questions, and will shed a great deal of light on the origin of several religious practices that are occurring in churches today. If you have further questions while reading a book, feel free to contact Rescue at or 518-477-5759.

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