Religion and Passivity: Take Back Your Ground!

6 Jun

Obtaining freedom from bondage and torment involves a captive fighting against passivity, and strengthening his or her free will to stand against the enemy. This passage below by Jessie Penn-Lewis, author of War on the Saints, describes what a captive must do to be delivered from passivity:

“An important point in deliverance from passivity is to keep perpetually in the mind, the standard of the normal condition, and if at any time the believer drops below it to find out the cause, so as to have it removed. Whatever faculty, or part of the being, has been surrendered into passivity, and therefore lost for use, must be retaken by the active exercise of the will, and brought back into personal control.

The “ground” given which caused any faculty to fall into bondage to the enemy, must be found out, and given up; and then refused persistently, in a steady resistance to the spirits of evil in their hold of it, remembering that the powers of darkness fight against the loss of any part of their kingdom in man, as much as any earthly government would fight to protect its own territory and subjects. The “Stronger than he” is the Conqueror, and strengthens the believer for the battle, and to recover all the spoil.”

There is no denying that Jessie Penn-Lewis continues to remain a powerful woman of God more than 100 years since her death in 1915. Yet I would ask Jessie today, “what if passivity has become a religious person’s “new normal,” so he or she cannot even perceive the changes in the soul as evidence that the enemy has already seized and taken ground?”

Take me as an example. I was born bold and assertive. When I was an atheist from childhood to age 33, when I was disrespected or abused, out of pride, I pretended I did not notice. I am normally a person who “stands my ground.” I am even MORE vigilant today, for if you step on my toe the FIRST time, you will hear from me in a strong but reasonable way such that there will not be a second or a third time because you will be out of my life.

Yet prior to goint to church and religion, I was such that If you stepped on my toes a few times, if I let you slide way too much, the next time you did so, you would find me with a stranglehold on you, wondering “what da hell did I do?”


I am pleased to report that my normal has significantly changed over 42 years born again!!! Today, I swiftly recognize an abuser and not once will you see me be a victim to anyone because I protect my ground with vigilance, yet in peace. But while a minister in a denomination, I let people walk all over me because I thought “this is how a godly person acts.” The truth is that RELIGION CAUSED THE DEVIL TO USE RELIGIOUS PEOPLE TO TAKE GROUND FROM ME, particularly because none of those who abused me were even born again because THE CHURCH WAS FILLED WITH SINNERS!!!! .

Religion took my commonsense from me in more ways than one. So I am more than capable of helping YOU to “take back your ground, in peace!” Here is what one of my long term disciples recently wrote about me:

Deliverance counseling with Pastor Pam helps you take back complete control over your free will, which God has given to you. You will learn that overcoming passivity involves using your free will, common sense, and logic to make decisions.

So contact me if you need some help with “taking back your ground” at 888-818-1117 or email me at The book, “The Church of the End-time Zombies is an adjunct to overcoming passivity.

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