EndTime Warfare Survival Tactics (for Prophets), Part 1

21 Mar

When we think survival in the endtimes, we automatically think of gathering a hefty supply of unperishable food items, water, ammo and the such just in case of a nationwide or global meltdown.  I just saw a few TV shows where I saw families who had been stockpiling food items, guns, ammo, seeds, and water for years, training family members how to shoot at the target gun range in case they will have to protect themselves.

And all of these may just well be good preparations to take, if you so feel led.

But what I want to address is a matter of much MORE significance than your natural survival in these end times:


Yes, there is ‘warfare’ out here for those who God has and WILL use in these endtimes to prophetically usher in the TRUE Kingdom of God….out of what is known as the institutional church.

Now listen…what many have failed to realize that the church is NOT the building so many flock to week after week.  WE are the CHURCH.  The Church is a group of people, of believers, the Ekklesia-THE CALLED OUT ONES-who ARE called out for the PURPOSES of God.

We need to understand that the very nature of the chosen has ALWAYS been-throughout history-that they have always been CALLED OUT of something-even if that something GOD had initially made and instituted.  Noah and his family were CALLED OUT of the masses as the only human survivors of the flood.  Abraham (and thus his descendents) was CALLED OUT from among his family and kindred to go to a land he didn’t know of and become the father of nations.  The Israelites were CALLED OUT of Egyptian bondage.  Joshua and his followers were CALLED OUT of the wilderness.  When Jesus Christ of Nazareth chose the 12 disciples, He CALLED THEM OUT of their respective vocations and lifestyles and challenged them, commissioned them, to become fishers of men.  And on the Day of Pentecost, those in the upper room were CALLED OUT to receive the infilling of the Holy Ghost.

In these end times, we need not play down the significance and the importance of when God CALLS OUT a people.  THIS is the determining factor that qualifies a people to be truthfully called THE CHURCH-THE CALLED OUT ONES-THE EKKLESIA.

It is funny how religious people-church folks-like to take this phrase of THE CALLED OUT ONES, THE EKKLESIA, to mean that in essence, theoretically, one can be called out, yet STILL REMAIN within an entity…and yes EVEN A PLACE, where GOD HIMSELF has CALLED YOU OUT!!!

When I look back in the scriptures at every time God called a people OUT of something or someplace, it was LITERALLY-NOT figuratively or theoretically-meant that when God said GET OUT, GO, THAT is EXACTLY what He meant…..


Read your word.

When God told Noah to COME OUT, He didn’t say, “Oh, I’m sending a flood, but you can stay on the land.  Don’t build the ark.  Don’t worry about the animals.  If you stay right where you are, then I will protect you in the midst…”

When God told the Israelites to get out of Egypt, He didn’t say, “Stay in Egypt.  I’m going to deliver you from their bondage, but stay right there!  I want you to pray for the Pharoah, that he may repent…”


When God said GO, He meant GO.


Not ‘come out’ but still remain there-in that place-to try and convert a people GOD HIMSELF has judged.

Once you understand this very real and consistent characteristic of our God, your chances as a prophet of surviving in these end times are VERY great.

I entitled this article such-addressed in particular to those who call themselves prophets-because we all know that the enemy is on the prowl to kill the prophets, especially in these end times.

The Kingdom of God must be ushered in prophetically, and the enemy does NOT want that kingdom to manifest any further.  This is why he has planted many false prophets, apostles, etc., to mimic the true.  The Word says he would.  The greatest way this has happened is by way of the religious demon, the anti Christ.  The Fake Jesus and his comrades.

They mimic everything that is God.  They have a church.  They have moves of the spirit.  They prophesy.  They do all the church things.  They fake miracles, signs, wonders.

But one thing that will always give them away is that those who operate by a religious spirit will ALWAYS be stuck on announcing themselves, titles, positions.  They love pomp and circumstance.  Ceremony.  Ritual.  They operate in false authority.

And they are drawn to true prophets.

NOT because they want to hear what God is saying.  But they are drawn to the ‘prophetic’ only in a guise to undermine it and kill it and those who operate in it.

The one thing that terrifies the fake Jesus are people who HEAR from God for themselves.  That are led by the Spirit of God.  They are not fooled by signs and wonders, fake words pulled out of the sky.  They test and try the spirits to see if they be of God or not.

They don’t just take a man’s or woman’s word for ANYTHING.

The fact of the matter is that if you consider yourself to be a prophet in THIS hour-in these end times-then your work is NOT WITHIN the four walls of the organized church.

Your ‘work’ is OUTSIDE of the organized church.  As a matter of fact, not only those who consider themselves to be prophets, but ANYONE that is within the organized church system today is under a strong delusion from the spirit of Anti-Christ.

Think about it.

If the church IS the Ekklesia-truly the CALLED OUT ones-then where are they called OUT of?  Some will automatically assume they are called out of the world, but this is NOT true.  Those in the world do NOT belong to God.  He created them.  But they are NOT His.

Many are CALLED, but few are CHOSEN.

The Ekklesia are the CHOSEN of God.  God CHOSE them to be saved, from the foundations of the world.

It has been the way of GOD since time began that He CALLS OUT those WHOM HE CHOOSES.

Therefore, if God has called you out-as a ‘prophet’-yet you still remain within the organized church system, it is time that you start to examine WHO called you?

Because if GOD calls you OUT, then you would hear His call, and would OBEY IT.  IMPLICITLY.  NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

I find it is a weakness of many who say they are prophets that they feel an incessant need-a drive, almost an obsession-to be accepted by the organized church.  When, in fact, if you TRULY are a prophet called BY GOD HIMSELF, you would recognize AND accept the fact that YOU WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER BE ACCEPTED BY RELIGIOUS PEOPLE, OR THE ORGANIZED CHURCH ITSELF!

That’s right!

When John the Baptist roamed the earth and prepared the way of the Lord, he was NOT accepted among the religious ranks.  He didn’t get invites to preaching gigs.  He didn’t get the long, flowing robes, or honor of men.

All he got was beheaded.


For saying what THUS SAITH THE LORD.

I present to you prophets that when God calls ‘a prophet,’ they are NEVER accepted on a widescale.  They were never famous.  They didnt have millions following them.  They didnt get accepted into church circles.

As a matter of fact, there was always a hit out on them, so to speak.

Folks was always trying to kill them.  And it was ALWAYS after they said what THUS SAITH THE LORD.

A strategic survival tactic in these end times, ‘Prophets,’ is going to be in your ability to COME OUT when God says COME OUT.  God may send you with a word.  Give it, then leave.  Stick and move.  Prophets are NOT stationary.  Neither is the move of God.  God is ALWAYS on the GO.

If you call yourself a prophet, yet you ‘fellowship’ at a local church, you are either not called by God, or in direct disobedience to God.

You must start to examine and entertain the fact that your ‘prophetic’ call may have come from the enemy himself, and NOT God.

The fake jesus.  The religious spirit.  The spirit of Anti Christ.

I know this is a shock, but it is true.

The enemy calls people, too.  And his voice is very convincing.  Very pious.  Very spiritual sounding.

One of the ways you can know if God called you or not is your motive.  Why are you doing what you’re doing?  Do you want a ‘prophetic ministry’ like other famous ‘prophets’ such as Juanita Bynum or Brian Carn?  Do you want public endorsements from mega preachers?  A worldwide ministry?

I remember a few years back, there was this flowing, ongoing, recycled ‘prophesy’ that would get prophelied that ‘God is taking you to the nations…!’

A LOT of people took that and RAN.  They ran, started churches, ministries and the such…and I can safely say GOD DIDN’T TELL THEM TO DO THAT.

How can I say that now?

Because all I have to do is look at the fruit of their ‘ministries.’  Nothing but confusion, sin, deception, immorality, and perversion permeates these ‘ministries.’  And all the while, the enemy sits back and laughs at how he has made what is publicly perceived as ‘the church’ is mocked on almost a daily basis by the public.

If you are a ‘true’ prophet, stay under wraps.  Stop calling yourself a prophet.  Stop passing out cards and flyers with your ‘titles’ plastered all over them, handing them out to religious spirits embodied in these devilish, demonic church folks who are working for the enemy to snuff YOU out!    Oh yea, they look real holy and pious, with their long robes and collars on….but underneath, full of dead men’s bones.  The bones of the prophets!

Stop seeking approval from church folks.  It will NEVER come.  Don’t get all hurt and depressed when they reject you.  EXPECT IT.  EMBRACE IT.

The prophets God called OUT were always INCOGNITO.  In other words, no one KNEW they were prophets.  On the outside, they looked all raggedy, tore up, non religious, even nasty and wicked.  Man looks at the outer appearance, but GOD?

Yall know the rest!

It is important in THIS hour that you operate INCOGNITO.  IN secret.  If God give you something, give it.  Then stick and MOVE.  Get OUTTA there!

I mean, it really is common sense.

When I was in the military, and we did training on the battlefield, we had warpaint on our faces.  We were dressed in camoflauge.  NO part of our real persons-or that who we REALLY are-was just out there, in the open, for all to see.  We stayed in foxholes.  We had our M-16s, ready to fire.  We were always on the lookout for the enemy.

We were not above ground, in orange and flourescent green clothing, purple hair, hollering to the top of our lungs…’HEY ENEMY!  Here we are!  Come get us!  We take authority over you!  We gotchya now!’



In warfare, a survival and strategic tactic is to STAY INCOGNITO!!!!

One of the reasons why satan wanted to infiltrate and take control of the church by way of turning the Ekklesia into the organized church system is because what better way for him to control and shut the mouths of the true prophets then to get them in one place, centralize them-then annihilate them?

Any good general knows that there will be some casualties, but to cut down on the number of casualties, it is imperative to scatter the troops!

You cannot have all the prophets of a region centralized in one church or denomination-trapped in an organized church system-and then sit by and idly allow the enemy to annihilate them all.

This is why you must stay mobile.  Retreat is NOT defeat!  Retreat in THIS hour, in these endtimes, is a survival mechanism…

And it IS the CRY of the Spirit of God!


One Response to “EndTime Warfare Survival Tactics (for Prophets), Part 1”

  1. JonX June 23, 2012 at 9:29 pm #

    In New Testament times the word was exclusively used to represent a group of people assembled together for a particular cause or purpose. It was never used exclusively to refer to a religious meeting or group.The word ekkelisa was used of many types of gatherings in the first-century. So, don’t read too much into the etymology of any word. Rather, understand what it means at the time it is written as word meanings evolve over time. For example, the same word was used to describe OT Israel in the Septuagint (centuries before the NT). And it is even the word used of an assembly gathered to stone Paul. In fact, “assembly” is probably the best translation of the word. In short, the word (like baptism) was rather generic and commonly used by first-century Greek speakers and had nor peculiar religious significance.


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