Following the Wrong Sign

27 Aug

Do you ever remember a time when you were driving, and you followed the wrong road because you misread directions or a sign? Bearing this concept in mind, this is similarly what happens when we believe in signs, works, and wonders.

No matter what supernatural wonder comes at us, the second we believe the wonder to be of God we become subjected to that wonder or sign. Yes, whatever we believe, we ultimately are obeying and following that belief.

We can see throughout the history of the saints, Satan has constantly used counterfeit signs to directly deceive people into believing his works, making people more easily subjected into his evil will. The Israelites were warned about false prophets with their idol’s signs and wonders, but did not heed and latter believed that their idol’s supernatural abilities of their day was of God, people in Samaria thought a sorcerer’s miracles to be of God, and likewise today we have people believing in the wrong signs, “There’s nothing new under the sun…” All these people were ultimately lead astray by following after these false signs and wonders.

This is part of Satan’s design, since he is the prince of the power of the air, he has limited control over the elements. Satan can use elemental powers and even parts of nature to create convincing signs. This is exactly what the Lawless one, the man of sin, the Antichrist will do when manifested and revealed. He will perform signs, wonders, works that will be nearly identical to that of God—causing “fire to fall from heaven.” And when people believe these signs to be of the true God; they ultimately subject themselves to the man of sin and his wonders as their “god.”

We at Pam Sheppard Ministries constantly, and urge with all instruction to doubt every spirit, but prove, examine, test, try each spirit to see whether it be of God. Deception leads to bondage of mind, since ultimately your mind is taken over by a lie, and held captive to the subjected belief.

Do you remember what happened after the Israelites were redeemed by the LORD’S hand out of Egypt? They eye-witnessed countless miracles, then wonders after signs, after powers of God, but to no avail. They became of hard-heart in times of testing, and strayed because they “had an evil heart of unbelief in the living God.” Faith is ultimately what we need in these last times, since faith is what pleases God.

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What are modern day wonders that need testing? What makes signs and wonders so convincing?

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