“Accept Jesus?” Does That Sound Right to YOU?

13 Jan

     The most damnable plague of the charismatic movement is that countless millions, perhaps billions of seekers have  responded at the altars of  a “believe, confess and receive” gospel. Easy believism has it roots in the mis-interpretation of Romans 10, verses:8-10“If you confess the Lord Jesus with your mouth and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved.”The confession is a result of salvation and not the cause of it. Furthermore, what if for a physical  reason,  a person literally cannot speak?.  Does this mean that he or she cannot be saved? The verse is really suggesting that unless a person is truly saved, he cannot believe in his heart that Jesus was raised from the dead.  The belief or the faith brings about the confession and not the other way around.

     Beginning with the old line Pentecostal denominations, multitudes have come to the altar seeking the Holy Ghost and the speaking in tongues without having repented for sin and they too are in a mess today. Not to suggest that there are not countless people in the traditional denominations who are not saved as well.  Since the unsaved in denominational churches are not open to the invisible world of the spirit, they generally do not have the added problem of becoming practitioners of charismatic witchcraft. Those who sincerely however  prematurely seek the Holy Spirit without having  experienced repentance are the ones who are the most vulnerable to the deception and subsequent infestation of the religious demon.

     Not all, but several Charismatic churchgoers  are now being tormented by demons, even though they  have been sincere believers in Jesus Christ.  How can this be? The hidden root of the problem is that they have unknowingly been worshiping the Fake Jesus, the imposter occultist god, Jesus Sananda Emmanuel. Moreover,  they never got saved because they merely repeated a sinner’s prayer or responded to an invitation to Christian discipleship without being drawn by he Holy Ghost to repent.  Consequently, the primary danger of charismatic witchcraft is that it produces counterfeit  spiritual births  that mimic the true  born again experience.

     Too many charismatic idolaters did not approach the Lord with a contrite heart. Nor did they  come “poor in spirit.” Oh, they repeated a sinner’s prayer, yet without “feeling what a sinner must feel” to be saved. A sinner must feel the godly sorrow of repentance. A sinner should  FEEL that he is standing on the edge, about to slip off into hell, but that he has grabbed a lifeline, and that lifeline is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. No one can be saved unless the preaching they responded to emphasized the wretchedness of the lost soul that can do nothing for itself except receive what the Lord has already done.

    Defying the scripture which states that salvation is a gift from God so that no man can boast, those under the influence of Charismatic witchcraft generally boast that they ““accepted Jesus.” We don’t accept Jesus. He accepts us!!!! Consider a person who is drowning declaring after he has been saved that “I accepted the lifeguard who came to save me.” When you knew that you were drowning and you knew that you wanted to live, did you really have any other choice????”

Here is an excerpt from “The Fake Jesus:”

Interestingly enough, no where in the word of God is it written that “we accept Christ into our hearts.” Paul wrote to the Romans that we “believe in our hearts that Christ was raised from the dead.” However, Paul did not write that we must “accept Jesus into our hearts.” When we are born again, Jesus does not “enter our hearts.” How can He enter our hearts when He is at the right hand of the Father??? This is why the Lord told His disciples that it was better for them that He went away so that the Holy Ghost would come. The Holy Ghost is that part of the godhead who enters our spirits, causing us to become “temples of God.” The heart and the spirit are two distinctively different entities in man. Similarly,  like the words “rapture” and “purgatory”,the phrase “accept Jesus”is  yet another  religious euphemism, not backed up by scripture.

      Furthermore, the message of “I accepted Christ” is so preposterous that it is an offense to the triune Godhead.  We DO NOT ACCEPT CHRIST. NO ONE CAN BE SAVED UNLESS GOD HIMSELF HAS ALREADY MADE THE CHOICE!!!!  The Father and the Son have already done the choosing or  the electing  before the beginning of recorded time.  When the sinner actually hears the call, he simply responds.  Even when a sinner cries  out for Jesus, it may appear to be an act of his own free will, yet the Lord said that no man can come to Him unless the Father which sent Him draws them.  (John 6:44)

      Subsequently, even when a sinner  begs the Lord  for mercy to save him, he does so because he has been drawn to  the cross by the Holy Ghost.  Therefore, even our repentance is not human but godly.  Godly sorrow is a repentance for sin that has been divinely given to the sinner to cause him to repent, to sorrow over the Lord’s sacrifice. At the cross, a sinner’s spirit is washed, cleansed and forgiven by the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

    When you “accepted” Jesus, you may not realize it but you lifted up self.  Why? Because your boasting is made easy, every time you declare to others, “I ACCEPTED JESUS!”  It is important  to state here that nothing stops God, not even the church. When the Lord is ready for the elect, He calls them. If they are sitting on a church pew, He can still reach them, regardless of what they have been listening to.  The problem is that many of  the elect who are in church believe that they are already saved but they are not.  The Father plans to save them. Nevertheless,  for the Holy Ghost to draw them to a genuine salvation experience, the strong man must be bound  with the light of truth. In this instance, the “strong man” is the religious demon, aka,the Fake Jesus. Why? Because you “accepted Jesus,” the fake Jesus answered you and accepted YOUR INVITATION to come into your heart chakra!

We are available to release you from the invitation you unknowingly made to the fake Jesus. Give us a call at 518-477-5759

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