Christians Who Release the Kundalini Are Demonized

16 Nov

We Christians are completely unfamiliar with kundalini and chakras. ordinarily I would simply provide a link. However, I am not comfortable passing on links to curious folk like some of you are. So what I think is needful for our concerns, I will post the entire article, without providing the author’s name, so here it is:
Kundalini energy is the energy of your being which sits at the base of your spine, in the root chakra. It wakes up when you start meditating, visualizing or doing other spiritual activities.
Right before this energy is activated, people usually dream of serpents or goddesses which are the signs of this energy.
Some people don’t dream about such symbols but they see them in their everyday lives; for example, they come across the pictures of serpents.
When activated, kundalini energy starts going up your chakras till it reaches the crown chakra and when it goes through the crown chakra the person becomes enlightened.
This energy can either be awakened unnaturally by gurus and meditation experts or it naturally awakens when the person develops spiritually. When the awakening of this energy is rushed it can cause serious problems (I mention those in the dangers of kundalini energy section down below).
Before You Decide To Awaken Kundalini Energy…
If you’re emotionally weak and you still have fear inside you, it can be really dangerous to awaken this energy. So if this is the case, you should strengthen your nervous system and gain better understanding of your self before awakening your kundalini energy.
It’s advisable that if you decide to awaken this energy, you should do so together with a spiritual leader or a meditation expert. Such people know the dangers of this energy and they know how to control it. They will pace your development and advise if you need to slow down or progress quicker.
Why People Choose To Awaken Kundalini Energy
It’s said that the awakening of this energy is the only way to become enlightened and experience bliss. When this energy goes through your crown chakra, you become aware of your connection with the entire universe and therefore understand the truth. You attain the divine wisdom and your consciousness expands infinitely.
When the kundalini energy is released into the universe, you completely understand yourself and your purpose. You become filled with joy, limitless knowledge and unconditional love of the whole universe.
The Symptoms of Kundalini Awakening
It’s easy to feel kundalini energy because it’s a forceful and concentrated energy that quickly moves through chakras. B
There are other signs indicating that this energy has awakened in you, such as visions of non-physical beings, serpents and gods.
You also have a strange feeling in your muscles and you may experience involuntary body movements when this energy is active in you.
A quite usual symptom of kundalini awakening is an extreme feeling of plenty of energy (when you feel very active). You can also feel headaches or pressures in your head (usually on the temples, the back or top of the head).
Your emotions might quickly change throughout the day and you may react to people and circumstances in a more extreme manner than usual. It’s also usual to experience higher levels of awareness so you’ll sometimes feel blissful and sometimes you may see unusual visions.
You may experience different kinds of psychic activities such as extrasensory awareness, OBE (Out of Body Experience), memories of your past lives and seeing auras.
You also feel energy rushes throughout your entire body and sometimes in one part of the body only. Some energy rushes are quick and forceful, some make you feel dizzy (energy rushes in your head) or frightened.
Sometimes you can feel as though something crawls on you or some part of your body becomes itchy. You may start feeling very hot or cold not depending on your environment.
When the kundalini energy awakens, you may start changing your sleeping or eating patterns. You may sleep longer or shorter and during different times. Your eating habits might completely change; for example, you might stop eating meat.
The Dangers of Kundalini Energy
If you quicken the awakening of this energy and you’re not ready, you may experience very negative consequences. Some people become mentally ill because they cannot handle too much spiritual development and expanding awareness. If you’re not spiritually developed, you’ll get scared of the changes that happen in your mind.
For example, you might start seeing entities that are not physical. This would scare most of the people, however spiritually advanced people wouldn’t find such entities scary. So if you would find such entities scary, it indicates that you’re not ready to awaken this energy.
Here’s What Happens When Kundalini Energy Is Awakened Too Early:
Kundalini energy keeps moving very fast through your chakras trying to escape through your crown chakra. You experience strong pain in different parts of your body, you feel burning in some parts of your body, you hear sounds and see visions of different entities being with you.
Some people lose control over their conscious minds. This happens to people who haven’t experienced much spiritual development.
Your fears manifest into some scary beings which you have to fight with love and faith for them to disappear. This happens if you’re on a low vibration (vibration of fear, anger, hatred and so on). This all happens in your mind, of course, but you see them as real and physical.
Finally, when kundalini energy reaches your crown chakra, your consciousness goes out of your body. No, you don’t die, you just involuntarily astral project. Because of your OBE (Out of Body Experience), you’re able to see your physical body, go through walls and do many other things that non-physical entities do. However it’s very unlikely that you would engage in such activities because you would be too scared and you’ll want to go back to your body. For example, you might start seeing entities that are not physical
The narrator ends this rather  disturbing video by stating “we need a revolution in the leadership of the church.” Well, I am hear to tell you that no such revolution shall be forthcoming. The manifestations that appear in this video provide the evidence to support my contention that religious spirits—demons and fallen angels—are the invisible force behind church leadership and such a revolution is not possible. Why? Because God Himself has already released a spirit of strong delusion upon Her.

Among my faithful Facebook friends is a cadre of serious believers who

continually share YouTube video clips, blogtalkradio programs, and various

articles that dramatically portray how the enemy has infiltrated the Christian

community with a variety of occult, even blasphemous doctrines and practices.

To name but a few, the list is long: the Joel’s Army movement is at the top of

the list because it encompasses It ALL!!
Then there is yoga, the kundalini spirit, TM, people running around the church looking like they are literally on fire, alien encounters, astral travel, slain in the spirit, the laughter and dancing movements, (I refuse to call them ‘holy’), tongue prayer languages,—the list seems almost endless. In fact, even charismatic sermonizing has caused people to become hysterical, breaking loose in church aisles, appearing to have lost their minds.

Yet, there are even stranger things going on that are a lot less public. AsNan example, in my Christian telephone counseling practice of 10 years, I have come in contact with Christians from around the world who are constantly “hearing voices” yet they are not mentally ill. In 10 years, I have been in contact with lots of churchgoers. Among them are people who thought that they were saved, but after careful consideration, they ultimately admitted that they were not—yet—they had spoken in tongues and had often submitted themselves to falling slain in the spirit in various charismatic churches.

Ministers laid hands on many of them to receive what is colloquially known as “an impartation.” When they began to be tormented in one way or the other, most of them sought help from deliverance ministries, yet their condition worsened. In fact, 75% of my Christian client contacts were hearing voices when they telephoned me for help—all of them were active and faithful church members. Some of them I could help, some of them, I could not, for one reason or another.
One thing that all of these strange happenings have in common is the altered state of consciousness, better known as “the trance.” With that ONE common denominator, I decided to “investigate” by examining a plethora of occult websites, to see what devils and demons were openly revealing to their faithful followers. In other words, “I spied out the land.” I figured that even though Satan and his troops lie to their followers, they might reveal something to them that they persevere to hide from true followers of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Believe me, it was a disgusting and dangerous assignment , so I do not recommend others do what I did. The blasphemy against the Lord is horrendous and those who are weak in faith might be victimized, even indoctrinated.

As a result of a year’s work, I believe that I have uncovered Satan’s overall agenda which ties into why the altered state of consciousness—the trance– plays such a pivotal role in bringing about what the Anti-Christ intends to do. I havewritten about this subject in 4 of my 8 books: Faces of the Religious Demon, the Fake Jesus, Come Out of Her God’s People, and the New Idolatry. However, if you are not into Christian non-fiction, then here it is in a nutshell:

The devils and demons have told their followers that “the World Master” plans to introduce himself to all mankind through what appears to be telepathic communication. Therefore, these spirit entities have been feverishly working in our times to cause people to be able to enter into a trance–an ASC—so that the voice of the Anti-Christ can be heard.
With occult followers, it is an easy thing to do because they willingly put themselves into trances by meditation, yoga, chanting, channeling, astraltravel, drugs, etc. With the people in the world, they enter into trances through sex, drugs, movies, etc. So the enemy had to devise ways to openNdoorways in Christians so that “we too will be able to hear the voice of the Anti-Christ.” Satan is seeking for mankind to lose themselves in an alteredNstate of consciousness so as to provide an open doorway for demons to “walk in” when the time is right.

What I learned on the occult websites is that the Anti-Christ is going to attempt to pull a global stunt where EVERYONE hears the voice of a stranger, saying the exact same thing at the exact same time. In this way, the son of perdition intends to prove “that he is God” because he will appear to be both omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent–manifesting the qualities of God Almighty. However, the only ones who will be able to hear his voice, will be those who have been opened to “the trance.”
I was once, one of those people. In the 70′s, I was a psychic medium. An opened door to ALL OF IT. Once I got saved on March 29,1977, all occult doorways were shut down. However, in 1982, I reopened them by heeding to the doctrines and the practices of the charismatic movement. For 25 years, I heard from religious demons, mostly in dreams and sometimes audibly, believing that I was hearing from the Holy Ghost. When the Lord opened my blind eyes to the truth, I shut down ALL of it: tongues, slain in the spirit, the laughter, the travail in the spirit—I MEAN ALL OF IT. I put up a spiritual blockade over my mind at night, that protects me from remembering what demons try to tell me in dreams. When God speaks to me now, I don’t feel ANYTHING. I simply “know things.” After a day or so I realize, “Oh, the Holy Ghost was here. Imagine that!”
Why fallen angels and evil spirits need the altered state and Satan’s endtime agenda is laid out in the book, “Come Out of Her, God’s People,” Here is a brief excerpt:

Fallen angels stand by, patiently watching and waiting for their churchgoing prey to allow themselves to be induced into an altered state of consciousness by “any means necessary.” Once they spot an opening, the religious angels seize the opportunity. The most classic example is that of Alice Bailey, the infamous founder of present day occultism. A churchgoing woman, Bailey is actually the founder of what is known today as “the occult.” Most startling is that Alice Bailey began as a Sunday School Teacher in a Presbyterian church.a very interesting and informative chart, comparing charismatic practices to the release of the kundalini can be found here:

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