Decisional Gospel/Easy Believism…… A FALSE DOCTRINE?

1 May


Did you know that millions are probably walking around with FALSE CONVERSIONS? So many are thinking that they are saved, but they are most likely not. If you, or anyone you know prayed Jesus into your heart, chanted a sinner’s prayer, made a “decision,” or did any other religious work to inherit salvation, then chances are you are NOT Born Again. Dare I say so? Ephesians 2:8-9 CLEARLY states that we are saved by grace, as a gift from God, so that NO MAN CAN BOAST, yet most will arrogantly BOAST in the fact that they did some religious work to gain salvation. The enemy is quite crafty in how he has allowed religion to STEAL the job of the Holy Spirit, and offer people alternate routes to salvation, when Jesus Christ is clearly the ONLY WAY to the father, and only the elect of God (whom God chooses) will be saved. Yet, many falsely believe that salvation is for anyone who chooses it…and will quickly resort to taking scriptures out of context and misinterpreting those certain scriptures that may seem to indicate to them that anyone can inherit salvation (i.e. Romans 10:13). I know you are getting puffed up right now, but just oblige me for a few moments, and check out this video to hear the TRUTH on this matter…this EPIDEMIC. Before you get offended or defensive, just hear me out and keep an open mind.

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